What I Ate Wednesday: Healthy Eating

Welcome back to What I Ate Wednesday. Today started off so well; with such healthy and positive intentions, but unfortunately, it quickly went down hill and ended up a slightly shitty ‘hump day’. Firstly, I was rejected from a job. Secondly, I think I have the flu. And, well, to finish that off, our house move has been moved back slightly. By slightly, I mean by one day. I’m dramatic, I know, but I was really hoping for better news!


So, as I said, this morning was great. I spent a few hours watching my Mum have a Sweaty Betty fashion show in the kitchen! She was extremely distracting, yet hilarious. So I only ended up eating breakfast at 11am. I had a banana, a yoghurt and a cup of tea, as I wasn’t all too hungry by the time I actually ate.


For lunch I had a gorgeous salad. The salad was made with baby spinach leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, avocado and tuna. I topped the salad with a medley of seeds, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It was delicious! I even sat outside and had it because it was so mild outside. But after my lunch, I took Willow for her walk and I begun to feel unwell. I started to shiver, feel faint and really quite horrible.

Willow making friends at the park!

I also had a handful of grapes (not all of those shown by the way!) and a cup of tea.

Afternoon Snack:

After coming in from my walk, Mum made me a hot water bottle, and I went to chill out on the sofa with Willow and lots of blankets. I did have two medjool dates with peanut butter in at this point, which I really enjoyed! Top Tip: pop them in the microwave for a few seconds … you can thank me later!

I also took some paracetamol and watched Homeland, which took my mind off everything. Don’t get me wrong, I’m OK, I just felt today was ‘one of those days’. Everything came at once, but it always does, doesn’t it?! Onwards & upwards I say!

I posted this onto Instagram today, which I wanted to share on my blog too:


We were spoilt today with fresh fish from the mongers. We chose Salmon (YUM), which we thoroughly enjoyed with a selection of steamed vegetables.

Anyway, thank you for popping by. Just a little reminder to all that may be having a crap day/week/year so far:

 “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Dennis P

So keep positive, look after yourselves and know that things will always get better.

Jessica Xx


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