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One segment that I’ve always considered doing on my blog, is the very well know ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ or WIAW as it’s been popularised as. I love reading Anna Saccones’ WIAW posts, mostly because I’m nosey and love food, but also because I like to get inspiration to try different recipes. So with the new year, and new start for me up North, I thought it’d be a good opportunity to give WIAW a go, and see the response!

Today was the first day I put my trainers on and actually did ‘proper’ exercise in a very long while. I decided to take a chance, and try and jog with my puppy Willow. I started off quite well, going between a fast paced walk and a jog, however, as soon as we hit the park, well that was it, Willow was distracted by every dog going, and trust me, there was a lot of dogs! It was good fun though, and we did it for just over 30 minutes. I got a sweat on, and Willow enjoyed herself, so I guess I could say that was a success! When I arrived home, I made myself a cup of tea, and porridge with seeds, nuts, sultanas and a drizzle of honey.


After breakfast, Mum dog-sat Willow whilst I showered and got ready for the day, then it was back to the grind! By grind I mean searching for a job, not actually working (haha!). Then at lunch time, I made myself smashed avocado and a poached egg on top of a wholemeal pitta bread. It wasn’t too exciting, plus it looks crazy-weird, but it filled the gap!


Then for a mid afternoon snack, Tom and I decided to share some pick and mix sweets! Yummmmmy!! Oh, and I had a cappuccino!

Afternoon Snack:

For dinner, I made one of our staple favourites: prawn, pesto pasta! It’s so quick to make and really delicious. Tonight we used pesto from Booths, but sometimes I make my own. And then after dinner we had a fruit salad.



Thanks for popping back, do let me know if you liked my first WIAW and if you’d like me to keep doing them for a weekly segment on the blog!

Jessica Xx


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