What Christmas Means To Me (Blogmas Day 7)


So I’ll try and not get all soppy and emotional on you all right now, but I wanted to just share a bit of a more personal post with you about why I absolutely love Christmas. Of course there’s the present giving and receiving, and we all love to participate in this activity, however, I really do believe that Christmas is a time for family and friends to celebrate not only the holidays, but the whole year – what each and everyone has accomplished, welcoming the new ones into the family and raising a glass or two for the loved ones who won’t be with us any longer.

Throughout the December month, it seems as though everyone becomes quite thankful for all that they have and for everything they have done so far in life. People become kinder, more welcoming, homes get warmer and more cosy, food tastes better (I swear!) and I just feel as though life is a little more peaceful.

I don’t live too close to my immediate family at this moment with being down in London. Luckily, we’re very close to Toms family, which means I’m not completely lacking in family members, plus a few cousins and best friends aren’t too far from me anymore, which is a lovely thought and helps the odd homesick moments. For that reason, we intend to spend Christmas Day and Boxing Day this year with my side of the family, which of course makes me extremely happy (especially because my Mum really does make THE BEST ROAST!).


Unfortunately, working in retail means I literally get 48 hours off, so it’ll be a quick visit but a very memorable and lovely one at that too. I just can not wait to get the mulled wine, mince pies and fire on the go and play silly games with all the family. We’ll all get a little too merry, stay up far too late and get slightly too competitive over the annual Christmas Quiz. I seriously can not wait!

What makes you happy on Christmas day?

Much love,

Jessica Xx


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  1. Ann-Marie
    7th December 2015 / 9:32 pm

    I just absolutely love today’s post- it makes me feel so blessed and even more excited to have you and Tom home for Christmas ! Better get some baking done ! Mummy xx

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