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With a new year, comes a new adventure, and so with 2017, comes a moving van, ten tons of cardboard boxes, lots of brown tape, a few broken household items, and a long drive to a new area. Yes, that’s right! 2017 is the year we relocate to Manchester!

Tom and I have been together for almost 5 years now, and we have lived together for 2 and a half years. We based ourselves in London for the majority of the last 5 years due to university, jobs, because I love London and Tom is a Londoner. We’ve been very happy in London, and we’ve created some incredible memories there, and I will always have a soft spot for London because it’s where mine and Toms journey begun. It was, of course, a bittersweet day, because we will, no doubt, miss London, miss Toms family, miss our little first flat and all the adventures we had there, but we are also so excited for our next adventure together up North. We will back and forth to London because we have Toms family there, so it’s not really a goodbye, more of a ‘see you later!’.

So, whilst we settle into my Mums’ home for a few weeks, waiting for our house to be ready, I’ve been thinking about everything we need to consider in order to make our big move a success! I wanted to share my ideas on the blog, and I’d love to hear any tips or advice you may have also (so please comment below!).

How to settle in when you relocate/move house:

1. Plan some nice things to do for the first few weekends. Whether that be exploring your new location, or meeting up with people you may know there; I think it’s really wise idea that will help settling in an easy and enjoyable experience.

2. Make your new house a home. We’re not in our new house yet, but it won’t be long and my first priority will be to be making it very homely; lots of family photos up around the house, making the rooms cosy with blankets and candles, stocking the fridge up with nice home cooked meals, and putting our own stamp on the place.

3. Join clubs, gyms and classes that will help with making friends and getting you out of the house in the evenings and weekends. I will definitely be joining the gym, and I was thinking about looking up local dance classes for adults just for a bit of fun and to meet people. I think Toms keen to go to local football clubs to watch home matches with some of my family, which I think is a great thing for him.

4. Be open to try new things. I do believe that when in a new area, you have to be brave as an adult to meet people and make friends. So whether that be going to local coffee shops rather than Costas/Starbucks, and shopping at the farmshops instead of the big supermarkets. Plus walking the dog in local parks, or joining dog socialisation groups, it all opens up the opportunities we have to meet people in our area.

5. Say hello to your neighbours! Obviously, it’s a funny one as sometimes you have really friendly neighbours, the kind that will drop round a card at Christmas and help you out when your car won’t start on a Monday morning, then you have those others who seriously won’t even open the door to you in an emergency! But we’re willing to try…we’ll see.

6. Have a housewarming. We’d love to invite our family and friends round to the new house to celebrate our big move. We haven’t planned it yet, but we will definitely get a date in the diary soon!

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