Viking Arty Party

On April 22nd, I spent the afternoon getting crafty and creative at the Viking Arty Party in Manchester. It was held at the beautiful new boutique hotel: The King Street Townhouse.

When I received an invitation I was initially shocked they’d chosen me to join in. Creative? Erm I try. Crafty? Not really. Arty? Dream on! I wondered if they’d asked the wrong person. However, when I told family and friends, no one seemed surprised at all. In fact everyone turned round and said that something crafty and creative was right up my street! Do I even know myself?!

Anyway, apart from feeling as though I’d be completely out of my depth at the event, I was very excited about being invited. Maybe they’d seen something I hadn’t! So on the day, I made sure I really, really tried. Like really tried. I felt as though I was back at school studying Art for GCSE’s.

The Day

I was greeted with refreshments and a sweetie bag, as well as lots of friendly faces. We were then put into groups: calligraphy, block painting and notebook design.

Block Painting

We were block painting onto a folder that we could take home at the end of the day. Firstly we were given demonstrations before being able to go off on our own to design our shape which we would be using to block paint, and then start the hard task of cutting a rubber with a sharp tool to get it to the shape of our choosing. Sounds easy right?! Yes, maybe if you choose a square. But we were all going wild and designing cats, cupcakes, clouds and whales! So hard it was!

Once I cut my whale out, I has less than 2 minutes to actually paint. Whoops-a-daisy! So my painting skills were a tad rushed, and I had to stick with the one colour unfortunately as I didn’t have the time to chop and change. So I went with purple. Purple whales, you know the kind!

Anyway, my folder ended up looking better than I thought, but no master piece! Although I’m chuffed I learnt a new skill, and will definitely use this one when painting with my niece and nephews. They will find it pretty cool I’m sure of it.

Lunch Break

After that we stopped for lunch, and as the day was so beautiful, we decided to sit on the balcony and take in the rays. It was gorgeous. And so was the food! I had a chance to speak with more lovely people at this point, and take down blog urls to check out, which I always love doing. It’s so nice to meet other bloggers out there!!


Following on from lunch, we got back into the create and design mode and headed over to the calligraphy station. Once again, we were shown a demonstration before being sent off to give it ago. The lady who was doing the calligraphy was oh so lovely, and her skills were incredible. I could have just watched her write all day long!!

Wow, calligraphy is much more difficult than it looks. My first attempt was awful, ink was everywhere and my writing looked like a 3 year olds, or worse! But, I did get better and better at it, especially once I followed all the stages: sitting the correct way, holding the pen right and putting the ink only up to the marked position. There are rules to calligraphy, so I learnt.

Caught vlogging!!!

We then were given cards to write our own word or saying onto, without traces *ahhh*!! I decided on writing Willow (my puppies name) as it wasn’t too long, plus had many of the same letters. Cheater!

Notebook Design

We actually finished with my most favourite activity of the day: notebook design. This was so exciting for me as I am currently doing Bullet Journalling, so I was excited to take some inspiration from this workshop and input it into my very own Bullet Journal.

All of us were given a plain notebook along with wallpaper, wrapping paper, foil, ribbon, patterned tape, and glues to make our notebook design. I wanted to create a pretty, but not too floral notebook, so chose the brown paper to cover the entire notebook in. On top of this I added pale colours such as pinks and purples, along with a star patterned brown paper, pale orange patterned tape to edge it, a pink ribbon and some rose gold foiling on the front. It sounds horrendous when written down, so maybe a photo might help…

So, what do you think? Do you like my creations?

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Vikings for the invite and my goody bag which came filled with patterned tape, new marker pens, a calligraphy set and some other little craft goodies!! It was a wonderful day and I met dome very lovely people, plus I’ve come home with some inspiring craft ideas.

If you wish to get involved in some crafty days (great hen party ideas or for special birthdays!) here are the lovely ladies who helped us get creative on the day. Stacey & Chloe from The Crafty Hen and Joyce from ArtsyNibs, and of course the big thanks to Viking for making the day happen!

This post isn’t sponsored, I was invited for a day out and received some freebies too, but all opinions are my own! Thanks for reading, make sure you head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe so you don’t miss the vlog!!


Jessica Xx

* photo credits to Matt and Vikings


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