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Happy New Year

I can not believe that it’s 2016. It doesn’t seem quite right does it?! But it is and I must accept it and enjoy it. Having had a tough few months in the tail end of 2015, I was really ready for the New Year. Although I’m not one to believe ‘new year, new you’ and all that crap, I do believe it’s like being given a fresh start. I, like many others, find it easier to change my bad habits and motivate myself to be better during this time of the year. I guess with the copious amount of support you get from the media, magazines, friends and family, it makes it a lot easier to start resolutions and go for your goals during this time. What we have got to do though is keep this motivation up when February hits and people start to find themselves slipping back into bad habits and going back to their old selves that they swore in January we’re going to be history! Again, I don’t believe it’s about changing ourselves, it’s about bettering ourselves.

I spent a little while reflecting over 2015 and contemplating what I wanted to do different this year and I came up with a list that I wanted to focus on throughout 2016. These could be called my New Year Resolutions I guess! The focus of the ‘resolutions’ is: Do More, Not Less. I find that if we focus on doing more then we’re more likely to stick to our resolutions; it’s a positive approach to state that we want to be more/be better.

2016 ‘Do More, Not Less’ Resolutions:

Health Goals

Drink more water

Drink more herbal teas

Buy more organic, grass fed meat and eat more fish

Fitness Goals

To be able to do a pull up

To go back to Dance classes

To try different fitness classes more often

Wellbeing Goals

Go back to Yoga classes

Spend time in bed reading and writing rather than on my iPhone

Be more positive and choose happiness over anything else

Life Goals

Focus on education and sign up to complete more qualifications

Start up some fitness classes locally

Keep up a line-a-day diary for the year of 2016IMG_4980Remember to start the year as you mean to go on!! I want to wish you all the best of luck for 2016, may it be your best year yet! Lastly, I want to say thank you for all your support and encouragement in 2015, I have thoroughly enjoyed working on All The World Blog and can not believe the blog will be turning one this year! I wonder what this year will bring for All The World Blog…!!!

What are your New Years Resolutions?

Much Love,

Jessica Xx



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