Throwback Thursday (Blogmas Day 3)


Let’s throwback to Christmas 2011 when my nieces and nephews got a puppy! Now the only reason I wanted to share this particular photo/moment is because one day, I hope I have one of these myself! It has been an absolute dream of mine to get a doggy, but I have never been allowed one! Now that I’m an adult, I pay bills and I live on my own (well, with Tom of course!) I want to get a puppy, but funnily enough IM NOT ALLOWED ONE!! Hahaha!!! Ok, Ok, I give Tom the benefit of the doubt here – he is right: we live in a flat right now which is too small for a little doggy and well, we probably go away too much and work late a lot so maybe right now is not the right timing. But I am determined that one day, I will have my own little puppy which I can walk, cuddle and share all my secrets with. ONE DAY!

Much love,

Jessica Xx

P.S. Tom if you’re reading this, surprising me with a puppy one day would be wonderful – THANKS, I love you! Xx


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  1. Ella
    5th December 2015 / 9:29 am

    Aww little holly❤️

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