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Recently my bestest moved to London which was fantastic news for me – a friend down south, finally! I’m only joking, I’ve got hundreds of friends down here… (Oh dear oh dear, I am already admitting to being a loner). Anyway, since she’s been here we’ve both been really busy with work and boring things so meeting up has been non-existent. However, we were able to get together a few weeks ago and I wanted to share what we got up to as I had so much fun and I think everyone should know about Aerial Classes!

We decided to try an Aerial Silks class together as Alex found a great class not too far from her in South London. It’s something I’ve been eager to try for a long time to be honest but just not had the time, or maybe not made the time to actually do it! So excuses aside, we booked our place on a morning beginners slot and met just before the class started.

OMG hats off to all the gymnasts out there. Aerial classes are hard work. Not only did I realise how weak I’ve let my body become, but also, just how much fun I have when I’m doing an activity. I’ve been super duper stressed recently, and that’s putting it lightly, and I’ve totally forgotten until now, just how good it makes me feel to take part in classes or take up a new hobby. I fully concentrated on the task at hand, all my worries and stresses were put to one side and all I worried about during those 90 minutes was ‘I’m going to fall off, I’m slipping and I’m now fallen!’. We giggled, had lots of fun, worked our weak bodies and had an absolute blast!

We finished our Aerial session with very sore hands and extremely hungry bellies! But considering it’s been so long since we’ve caught up, we must’ve walked another 90 minutes consumed in conversation before we sat down for food. We walked upon a beautiful little cafe called Tart  in Clapham. Oh WOW. Trust me when I say you have to visit this place – the tarts are delicious, such friendly and helpful staff and a great little hangout. Will definitely be going back there soon!

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It was such a fun day out together and I’m now considering to take part in an Aerial Silks course!! Googling a local course right now in fact! Alex and I have pledged to see each other much more now we’ve both settled into jobs and whatnot – so coffee and breakfast is our next outing (love a breakfast date!).

Jessica, the newly trained circus freak X


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