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Whatever you do, do not get the wrong impression here…Skinny Rebel doesn’t mean what you may initially think. This workout was not created to push women to skinny, but rather, to rebel against it. Forget body shaming, forget worrying about being perfect, just workout to be strong both mentally and physically, and to be the best YOU can be, size aside.

I recently received an email from the director of Skinny Rebel Workout inviting me along to try the workout at the stunning Conrad Hotel London. I of course, without thought, said yes. I mean, how could I not? A Personal Training session for free and the chance to train in such a gorgeous setting, yes please!

The only slight thing that bothered me, was of course, the name ‘Skinny Rebel’. I began to worry it would be all about working out to be model-like, and that maybe I’d be frowned upon for having wider hips and jiggly thighs. Boy was I wrong. When I approached Dean over my worry about the name and how some may perceive it, he told me straight up, that Skinny Rebel was created so women could finally rebel against this word, against this pressure, and finally train to be whatever the hell they wanted to be. He also made sure I understood that his workouts and way of work is never to train women to become unhealthy, and if they arrived with issues, he’d rather sit down with them and discuss lifestyle changes before doing more damage than good. I was impressed.


This wasn’t going to be just a typical PT session either. No! I was to do the whole session (or at least try…) wearing an altitude mask. Yes, you read that correctly: an altitude mask! This is something I had never tried before, so obviously felt slightly nervous about. But with a trainer like Dean, the pressure to keep it on the whole time, is not there, you can put it on and off throughout your session. Basically, you’re in the drivers seat with this one. Phew!

We started the hard session with a simple high knees on the spot; I had my mask on raring to go and felt pretty eager to succeed at this. Adding in a squat jump or two between bursts of high knees, I began to realise the intensity of the workout and just how hard it was going to be to keep this mask on at all times. The mask forces you to breathe in and out in the correct manner: deep in through the nose, out through the mouth. You’d think this is an easy task, breathing is a daily necessity after all, and we usually don’t even think about doing it. But no. With the mask on, there is no cheating. You are forced to breathe correctly, which means no shallow, sharp, mouthy breaths, which I usually end up doing when working out.

After a few rounds of squat jumps and high knees, I was thrown straight into bear crawls. For those of you that are not too sure what I mean by this, just Youtube it and you can have a giggle at the idea of me doing this around a gym with an altitude mask on. I guess you could say I looked mental. Or like Hannibal Lecter, as my sister so nicely put it! This ‘move’ though is awfully deceiving; it looks pretty easy I guess, but my god, it burns, it hurts, but, it works. The workout itself is tough going, then with the added task of breathing properly using the mask makes the session even harder. It did however, really re-programme my brain to THINK about my breathing whilst sprinting on the treadmill or pushing out the last set of kettlebell swings.

I thoroughly enjoyed my training session with Skinny Rebel at The Conrad Hotel, and can’t wait to go back for some more fitness fun, oh and breathing lessons! I have had DOMS (delayed onset of muscular soreness) for the past few days but it has felt, in a strange way, very good – like I have really accomplished something. Training with Skinny Rebel isn’t about becoming something other than a stronger, more healthy and positive YOU! And this is what I love.


Get following Skinny Rebel Workout on Instagram & Twitter, or look at their website for more information about the ‘crazy mask workout’ that everyone needs to know about!


Thanks for the read, and thank you so much to Dean for inviting me to try a session, I am now hooked! Also big thanks to Rebel Kitchen & Bounce Energy Balls for providing my delicious post workout snacks which were very much needed, and for Conrad Hotel London for the amazing setting – the rooms look amazing too, I may have to organise a visit!


I have some more fitness tried & tested coming up on the blog in the next few weeks, so keep checking back for more. Have a lovely day!

Jessica X


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