Rowhill Grange Hotel & Utopia Spa, Kent

After Valentines Day came and went in the blink of an eye, Tom and I decided a day out, at a Spa, would be the perfect opportunity to spend some well deserved time together. We have both been equally as stressed out recently (work, life, money – the usual!) and agreed a day of pampering was what we needed – money worries aside. I did a lot of research, and Rowhill Grange Hotel and Utopia Spa came up as a local hotel and spa that seemed to tick all the boxes. We were considering a full Spa Day, however, as the prices were a little steep and Tom wasn’t too sure if he was interested in any of the other treatments, we decided on booking a side by side, full body massage in a dual treatment room.


On Sunday the weather was glorious; we arrived up through the long and scenic drive to the hotel and spa, passing ‘Ducks Crossing’ signs (how adorable!) and fields of daffodils (I suddenly felt very far from the cities hustle and bustle). The calm, serene ambiance of the grounds met my expectations of what a Spa Day is all about;  I got out of the car and felt immediately relaxed and I hadn’t even had my massage yet!

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Obviously this time we were not staying in the hotel, so I have no opinions on the hotel itself, rather the facilities it has. The Spa was well sign posted, just off to the right of the hotel, up some stairs and through some glass doors, opposite the Elements Bar and Lounge. The entrance into the spa is decorated beautifully, with gold and deep browns being the theme of the decor (all very luxurious). We were greeted by two very friendly and welcoming receptionists, and asked to fill out a health form prior to our treatments. Then once done, we were shown to a very dark waiting room, which due to us not being on actual ‘spa days’, we felt a little out of place being the only ones not wearing robes; I think we would’ve felt more appropriate waiting in the main entrance. It also seemed a little busy and too noisy for a waiting room fit for a spa – with workers loudly discussing what they had for dinner the night before, and the constant passing of people with cases, drinks or god knows what else (felt slightly less relaxed at this point!).


Anyway, we were met by our two very lovely therapists (unfortunately I can not remember their names) and shown downstairs to our dual treatment room. I have to say, I was a little disappointed by the room, it seemed a little less ‘luxury massage room’ and a little more ‘let me wax your hairy legs room’! However, that aside, the therapists did a good job and setting the scene with relaxing music, dimming the lighting and spraying the room with what I can only imagine was a lavender based scent (ahhh, I do love lavender). Tom and I had the giggles initially, this is our first massage together for starters and we tend to be a little immature together at the best of times, however this soon passed once our treatment begun.

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The therapists checked we were happy with the pressure initially, but then never checked back in with us, which I found a little disconcerting as not many people are brave enough to say ‘actually now that’s too hard/soft etc’, so I do think this needed to be re-assessed throughout the treatment. Of course, I don’t mean every few minutes, but just maybe twice throughout the massage, to give someone the opportunity to speak up if needs be.

I loved how when the massage begun, my therapist asked me to deeply inhale a beautiful, tranquil scent which really relaxed me. Due to Tom not wanting a full body massage, he opted to focus on his back, shoulders and backs of legs, whereas I went for the full body option, turning over half way through the treatment in order to massage my arms, head and the front of my legs.


I loved the back massage, my therapist did a brilliant job on my back, and when she focused on my head too (although I didn’t take my hair down – my mistake!), but I wasn’t so much of a fan of the neck massage (felt rather intrusive) or the backs of my legs (too ticklish!), I guess I know this for next time. Tom thoroughly enjoyed his whole massage, stating he could’ve had another hour! We both finished our treatments feeling calm, relaxed and stress free, which obviously meant they did a fantastic job.

What deeply annoyed me though, is that I paid for a 55 minute massage (stated online and over the phone) yet we were only taken to our treatment room (undressed and lay down ready) for 1.10pm and the massage was finished at 1.45pm – so only actually about 35 minutes long, if that. Now for £156 for the two of us, and having actually paid for a ’55 minute side by side massage’, I would’ve expected it to start at 1pm/1.05pm and finish at 1.55pm – this was a little cheeky and I think the spa needs to change the wording online and over the phone if this is the case for all of the dual treatments.

Timing aside, I would love to go back and try other treatments at the spa, plus also stay at the hotel. It seems like a gorgeous escape from reality, and the afternoon tea sounds delightful. Apparently to get a table at the afternoon tea, you must book quite far in advance, which must mean it’s quite delicious, and I am quite the fan of tea and cake!


All in all, we had a wonderful time at the spa and can not wait to go back, and would absolutely recommend it (hopefully a few tweaks would be made in order to make it that little bit better). I hope you enjoyed the read, and if you fancy visiting Rowhill Grange yourself, take a look at their special offers online now: Rowhill Grange Hotel & Spa.

Thank you for reading, much love,

Jessica Xx


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