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Tom and I met with my bestie Alex and her boyfriend Jim at a beautiful rooftop bar called Madisons in Bank, London last Sunday. The weather was incredible; it ended up being the perfect location for Sunday Funday! I definitely got my daily dose of Vitamin D that day, however I did also drink one too many Pornstar Martinis, which probably counter-acted the goodness. Oops. Anyway, we had a wonderful day together…Just think: endless Prosseco, delicious food and stunning views; to be honest, I felt like a Kardashian for a day.



Another amazing catch up this week, but this time with my bestie Sophie (also known as Cupid) in Shoreditch, London. We spent our day wandering the streets of Shoreditch (a little lost most of the time, but hey who’s judging?!), getting a little snappy happy and having a good old girlie chinwag! We happened to wander past Bill’s on our walk and we couldn’t resist – so halloumi burgers and fish finger sandwiches it was! YUM! Another fantastic day with the sunshine beaming and never-ending conversations.


Last week was a little random, lots of good news and lots of plans. Probably a little too much food, too much sugar and not enough exercise (we all have these weeks right?). I don’t feel guilty, I had a great week, but this week, my focus is back to my health. I have plans to go to Pineapple Dance Studios this week, maybe even to visit Frame also (super duper excited for this) and to eat as clean and as healthy as I can.

It has started off well; I have had a homemade green smoothie and a black coffee whilst reading an inspirational book called ‘Mindful Eating’. I have got a little time now to do some Yoga before heading off to work, and tonight I have circuits planned – bring it on!

Have a lovely Monday. Be prepared for lots of Dance Spam this week (my fave), and there’s something exciting on the horizon too, so keep listening…

Jessica, the socialite, apparently! X


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