Our Love Story

With Valentine’s day only a week away, I thought it’d be nice to write a little bit about mine and Tom’s love story so far. Tom will probably roll his eyes at this, and like most men, be highly embarrassed and deny most of this ever happening! But hey, with romance in the air, I feel like reminiscing and remembering everything Tom and I have been through to get to where we are today. So, here goes…


I love this photo!! I’m not sure Tom is a fan though!!

We met when I was 20 and Tom was 19, after both receiving a place at the prestigious East 15 Acting School in Essex. Our first meet was strange to say the least, being at drama school there are no boundaries, so our first day ‘on the job’ was to perform one of the monologues that got us into that drama school and then later, to tell everyone the worst thing you have ever had to go through in your life. Talk about easing you in gently! I decided to perform my Shakespeare monologue which was Julias ‘O hatred hands, to tear such loving words…’ from Two Gentlemen of Verona, whilst Tom chose his modern monologue from ‘The Age of Consent’. During my monologue I frantically tore up paper and placed it into my bra, whilst Tom’s monologue was about masturbation! Hilarious first impressions then?! Haha!!


Oh dear! There were many drunken nights at University together!

Then for the stories, well I didn’t know where to begin, I didn’t really want to tell everyone my deepest, darkest moments, however, I also understood the reason behind them wanting us to do this. I took the lighter route and told a story that affected me yet wasn’t soley about me. Tom, if I remember correctly, didn’t tell a story at all! I should’ve known then how stubborn he was!

Anyway, fast forward a little and as each term went along Tom and I were consistently put into the same group (meaning we spent the whole year together) along with our Sophie, our little cupid and someone who will always be considered our best friend. We were after all “The 3 best friends that anyone could have”! We have a lot to thank Sophie for as she used her magic to get us both together. I lived in Stratford in London at the beginning of my time at East 15, therefore travelled to and from university via the Central Line daily. This became a little tough as the year went on, and for many a reasons, I decided to move out and move closer to the school in around Jan/Feb time (I think!). At this point there wasn’t a room going for me, so my best friend Sophie took me in. This meant that the three of us spent every day and every evening together – looking back, it was probably one of the best years of my life, we literally had fun every day, the laughter didn’t stop when the three of us were together!


“We’re the three best friends that anyone could have!”


From this point onwards, the three of us, who soon became four of us, hung out together most nights and once again, we were always put in the same groups at school, meaning we literally spent every waking hour together. Tom had apparently been having a few words with Sophie about how much he liked me and would love to take me out, whilst me being me, had zero idea of this and was just loving life as it was. Now, this is where my memory fails me a little…I know Tom asked me out, but I couldn’t tell you where, when or how! Tom says he doesn’t remember either, but that he must’ve asked me about 10 times before I actually agreed to go on a date! Poor Tom, I did make him work!!


Another drunken night!

I do remember our first date, we went to Wildwood on Loughton High Street. It was perfect. I saw Tom in a completely different light here, and I thoroughly enjoyed his company. I guess this is when I thought that Tom was definitely more than a best friend to me. He has also just reminded me that after dinner, we walked across to Blockbuster, rented a few movies (which I can not remember at all!) and bought a tub of ice cream!

After this lovely first date, we started to see each other. Everything was very slow, and we did spend more time with other people than just as a couple. A lot of our date nights ended up being movie nights at home (poor student life) or just simply going for a walk somewhere. We got to know each other more and more, and as time went on, I started to like him more and more, but not completely letting myself ‘fall for him’. I was very afraid of being let down back then, so my guard was kept up pretty high.


I don’t look too impressed!!!




In our last performance at East 15 Acting School! Can you spot us both?!

When university was coming to an end, I was inevitably moving back up North and Tom staying down South. This caused a little bit of trouble, as we were not sure it would work. I made a mistake and told Tom it was probably best we said our goodbyes now, not quite aware of how much I actually liked this boy (dare I say love?!). Tom hated me for this and when I called him up from Manchester to ask if we could make it work, he became a little stubborn and didn’t automatically say yes let’s go for it. It was now my time to work for Tom!

We both were working at a festival that summer together, which meant we had to meet up! Hooray! We met before the festival to talk about our relationship and what we both wanted. I made sure I looked my best here – looking back, I just wanted Tom back in my life, even if we lived hundreds of miles apart! It worked, as by the end of the festival, we had decided to get back into a relationship and make it work no matter the distance.


Camping together at the festival!


From then onwards, most of our dates were through Skype and phone calls, we met up as much as possible but I was studying my very intense Personal Training course at the time and Tom was back to family life down South and as he wasn’t working yet, he had very little money to do Northern visits. Looking back, I definitely think distance made our hearts grow fonder, plus it meant we couldn’t rush our relationship and I believe this is why we are the way we are today, as everything has been slow and steady.

Once finishing my course, I moved down to London as I missed the buzz of the city and of course, I wanted to be closer to Tom. We didn’t live together at this point though, I lived in a flat with my cousin, about 30 minutes away from Tom. Tom and I were a little more serious now, and we started to get to know each others families, go on holidays together and talk about the future…

After a while of being in my flat in London, Tom stayed more and more until little by little he had moved in almost every piece of his wardrobe, and all his daily essentials into my room, as if to say ‘I’m here to stay!’. We talked through the possibility of living together, but we were really anxious about money and the pressures it would put on to our relaxed relationship. After much discussion, it seemed like the best thing to do – we spent enough time together as it was, and when we were apart we were only spending money trying to meet up or waste our phone time on each other. So after a few months of saving, we found a lovely little 1 bed flat to rent out and begin our journey as a couple that LIVES together (eek!). To say it’s gone well is an understatement, we’re still at this little flat now, and will probably be here for another year before we move on to better things.

533290_10151015256361241_93065875_n copy

Devon trip <3

So although this is a very vague overview of our little love story so far, I wanted to share it with you, since it makes me the happiest girl around! We have had a whirlwind of a relationship and 5 years seems to have gone extremely quickly when I look back at it like this. We have experienced so much since being together from travelling up and down the country to visit beautiful, romantic hotels, to being a Best Man and a Bridesmaid at two very beautiful weddings, to welcoming 5 nieces and nephews to our forever growing family, to having two magical Christmases spent together, to visiting Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Bruges, to seeing each other at our worst and at our best and still both knowing there’s not one thing that would make us happier in life than to spend the rest of it together! I just can’t believe this is how it has turned out. If you had told me on that first day at East 15 Acting School ‘That boy Tom over there, the one performing a monologue about masturbating, will be the boy you spend the rest of your life with’ – well I would’ve probably laughed and not believed you! It’s funny how things turn out, but that’s the best thing about love – it’s unexpected!


Scotland trip <3


At my sisters wedding <3

I hope you enjoyed reading  little bit about how Tom and I met and how we’ve gotten to where we are today! It’s made me feel all happy and warm inside tonight, I think both Tom and I can not believe all this has happened and how happy it has made us both.

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Much love, and enjoy Valentines Day!

Jessica Xx


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  1. David Lander
    8th February 2016 / 9:58 pm

    Much more interesting than my boring life story and I wish both of you a long and happy relationship. The secret of a a lasting loving relationship is to try to make your partner happy and content and you will then reap the benefits. Should you be half as happy as I was with the love of my life, you will feel really blessed. You truly seem to fit well together, a match made in heaven.
    Lots of love, Grandad. XXX

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