Organising My Beauty Station

Since Christmas, my room has been a bit of a state. All my gorgeous new presents have been waiting patiently in their packaging for me to have a good old clear out and re-arrange my cupboards, drawers and wardrobe in order to make space! I’m not suggesting I was utterly spoilt (although you could say that!), it’s just that I live in a small one bed flat and I don’t have the space to own a zillion pieces of clothing, lipsticks and candles – so a clear out after my birthday and Christmas is always needed.


So today, with Friends on in the background (Season 8) I sorted through my old make up bags, storage boxes and shelves in order to keep only what I use and throw out anything older than a year. It was so therapeutic and enjoyable – I LOVE getting organised! I also LOVE getting excited about all my new beauty products, as I have hardly touched them since receiving them last year.

So firstly, after receiving beautiful new make up brushes from So Eco, Danielle and Real Techniques, I decided to clear out an old cream ceramic plant pot and use that as my make up brush holder. My new brushes are fantastic, I got So Eco Foundation, Blush and Multi Tasking Brushes which are extremely soft against my skin and apply the make up beautifully. So Eco is an eco friendly range which source all materials from sustainable and recyclable materials. I think they are brilliant quality. I also received two eye brushes from Danielle – an eyeliner brush and an eyeshadow brush. I haven’t actually used these yet, plus I’m not sure where they’re from, but they look so gorgeous (they are the two brushes with the blue design on the top) and they feel lovely also.


I also have a brand new moisturiser which is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion which has been fantastic on my skin so far, although I would quite like to buy the skincare that goes along with it as right now I’ve been shamelessly using wipes which I think has upset my sensitive skin again! UhOh! Then for make up, I was treated to two Charlotte Tilbury products (OMG) which besides being packaged fit for a princess, they are also absolutely gorgeous to use and sit well on my skin, plus a Naked Eye Palette from Urban Decay – the colours are incredible, the boy did well! Tom also bought me the Ellie Saab Perfume, which is so beautiful and girly, and that came with a body moisturiser and a body wash too.


Oh god, I also got my favourite present ever, which I have been waiting a while for as they really are a treat – a Jo Malone Candle!!! This is literally the best thing ever. I think Tom is slightly regretting buying me one now though as I have high expectations of candles and I now won’t want to ever be without one! And I also suggested that we buy a Red Roses Candle for each table at our wedding as it’s so romantic and elegant!! Poor boy is petrified, I doubt he’ll ever propose!!


I have used the box that the Ellie Saab set came in as storage for my make up that I won’t use daily, and my Michael Kors Make Up bag for all my lipsticks. The picture displayed is my new treat from Coconut-Lane (which I will reveal more about over the weekend!). Plus I have a big bag full of extra bits and bobs that I won’t use on a daily basis, which I have in my drawers – I’ve decided I’d rather have a nice clean and simple view of all my daily essentials than a cluttered, messy station which is hard to maintain.


My Make Up Daily Essentials:

No7 Instant Illusions Airbursh Away Primer

No7 Stay Perfect Cool Vanilla Foundation

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow: Face Sculpt & Highlight

Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop Blusher: Sex On Fire

Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Black Eyeliner Pen

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara in Film Noir

Lancome Eye Crayon in 01 Noir

Benefit Watts Up Highlighter

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick in Sugar Honey (83)

How beautiful and lovely does my make up station look right now? Let’s see how long this lasts before Tom or I mess it all up again! I give it one week at the most…!!! Anyway, let me know the kind of posts you’d love to see more of on my blog – I am no beauty expert, nutrition know it all, nor a fashion student or ‘Mommy blogger’, but I tend to love writing about all of these things. I had a little think yesterday about why on earth I keep doing this and if there’s even much point, this blogging thing, but something inside of me knows this will be worth all the effort I put in, and all the time spent creating, writing, photographing and researching for each and every post I do. Plus it brings me joy, allows me to have ‘me time’ and if that is all that comes of this, then so be it – at least it puts a smile on my face and keeps me afloat when life gets the better of me! Plus there are many women I look up to in this blogging/vlogging world whom keep me going when I wonder if there’s much point (Anna Saccone, Hannah Maggs, Zoella – just to name a few of my favourites!).

Thanks for reading, please comment, share and follow my blog if you want to keep up to date with all my new posts and adventures!

Much love, Jessica Xx


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