2016: One Month Update


I have tried extremely hard to keep up what I set out to achieve in 2016 so far but it hasn’t exactly been easy, I started a new job in January and of course, like many others, have been desperately waiting for payday to come around in order to keep afloat (without wishing away the month of course!). But I wanted to refresh my memory of my resolutions and how I am doing so far with them, that way I can reassess what I have left behind, and congratulate myself for anything I have been doing well with. So here are my resolutions, anything with a strike through means I have yet to try it, make it a habit, or just completely not even focused on it yet.

Health Goals

Drink more water 

Drink more herbal teas

Buy more organic, grass fed meat and eat more fish

I’ve definitely been drinking more herbal teas – I am in LOVE with Pukka Teas, my favourite being Peppermint and Liquorice. I have also been making a conscious effort to buy more organic foods, especially meat, fish, eggs and fruit/veg. I HAVE GOT TO DRINK MORE WATER!

Fitness Goals

To be able to do a pull up

To go back to Dance classes

To try different fitness classes more often

So I can’t say I have done too well with the Fitness goals yet! My focus for February is my fitness goals!!

Wellbeing Goals

Go back to Yoga classes

Spend time in bed reading and writing rather than on my iPhone

Be more positive and choose happiness over anything else

Well done to my wellbeing goals!!! I have been back to Yoga now for a few weeks and loving it. I am trying to spend more time in bed either writing my diary, speaking with Tom or watching an episode of something before I sleep. I am also being much more positive this year, which I feel is because my situation has changed and I am a lot more happy with my work/life balance.

Life Goals

Focus on education and sign up to complete more qualifications

Start up some fitness classes locally

Keep up a line-a-day diary for the year of 2016

Ok, I haven’t signed up to anything educational yet, nor have I tried local fitness classes, but I HAVE kept my daily diary up!

I have to say, I am quite proud of myself so far though as a few of my resolutions have stuck and ultimately, I’d confidently say, have become habit. My diary being one example.

I decided, due to my terrible memory, that I wanted to write a daily diary to document my year. That way, I will never forget what I did, how I felt that day and what I achieved that whole year. Forget ‘dear diary’ and all that crap – I basically write a few lines for each day. It sits on my bedside table, therefore has become part of my bedtime routine: I light my Neom Tranquillity Candle, get into my PJs, take off my make up, brush my teeth, jump in bed, write my diary, blow out my candle and go off to sleep. I am extremely proud of myself for this as Tom has been doubting my ability to keep it up, but it just seems to come naturally and I have found it very therapeutic and relaxing just before bed. I LOVE my nighttime routine!

How have your resolutions been going? If you’ve had a bad start to the year, just look as today as a new start again! It’s February, it’s a Monday and it’s a 1st of a month – a great day to change your outlook and begin again. Refocus on your goals and what you want to achieve, and just enjoy the process. I have one more goal I have added to my resolutions: Blog at least 8 times a month (2x weekly)!!! Exciting!!!

Thanks for reading, enjoy your evenings lovelies!

Much love, stay positive!

Jessica Xx


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