Once a Rebel // Always a Rebel

1Rebel is the place to be at the moment. It’s the new super cool place to train, everyone from Jess Glynne to Millie Mackintosh are there busting their asses off in the high energy Ride, Reshape and Rumble classes. I have been seeing lots of cool Instagram snaps and hearing mixed talk about the gym that I decided I had to go try it for myself and see what all the fuss was about!


I can’t lie, I was totally nervous on the walk to the gym, I have only ever taken part in one spin class before in which I fell off the bike numerous of times, had the sorest of bums and hated almost every minute of it. I started to wonder why I even wanted to try a spin class again…Anyway, in I walked, to be greeted by a really friendly, down to earth girl who was quick to put my worries to rest stating she too is ‘crap at spin and never used to like it until now’ – I wasn’t the only one then, phew! I literally began to wonder why I’d even brought along my huge gym bag when towels were provided, water given and a whole array of beauty products in the changing room for my use. They know how to keep a girl happy…


You get given special shoes for the ‘ride’, which I’ve never worn before. Whatever you do, don’t put them on at the bottom of the stairs though, this was my first mistake…it’s like doing the walk of shame. Plus I had to get the smallest size shoe and even they were too big!! Embarrassing much?


I chose to try the Ride class (at 1Rebel they don’t spin, they ride) called Beyonce Vs Jay Z taken by top trainer Pierre Pozzuto. I only chose this class for one reason only – the music, I love me some Beyonce and Jay Z. And it didn’t disappoint, starting off with ‘N****s in Paris’, I started to believe I was going to like it here.


Now, for a newbie, it’s definitely not all that simple, from getting the bike and handles the right height to for gods sake trying to clip your shoes in – don’t be like me, ask for help! It took me about 10 minutes to figure it all out, thank God I got there early! Once in and raring to go, the studio blacked out, the disco lights came on and the music started blaring. My opinions on Spin were quickly changing!

The class was awesome. I have to say, the music kept me going more than anything, I’m a big lover of Beyonce and every time her tune came on, all I kept thinking was ‘Be Beyonce Jess, what would Beyonce do!’. It was a very, very sweaty workout, I was so thankful for my towel and water. My ability to spin is probably what held me back the most, I felt as though I was going to fly off the front of the bike a couple of times, but my clipped in shoes saved me, yet hurt my knees. The pain was a love/hate relationship; thankful that I didn’t fly off the front, yet annoyed that it hurt my knees by doing so. I assume this will only get better with practise.


Comparing it to the generic Spin class I last tried, this one is so much better. Don’t expect this just to be a leg workout…2kg or 4kg dumbbells are hanging off the front of your bike for you to use during the session, so whilst pedalling your life away, you’re also tricep dipping and shoulder pressing! Woah woah woah now this is what I call a workout.

Here are my sweaty selfies with Pierre, the trainer that taught me Spin ain’t all that bad!


My Verdict?

Yes I’d most definitely go again. I want to try the other classes, especially the Reshape class as that looks like an amazing workout. Next time I go I will be trying a Roots and Bulb smoothie as they looked pretty delicious, but they are very overpriced, and I had come already prepared with my delicious Upbeat for afters! Overall it’s a pretty expensive way of working out, but then again, most classes in London are quite pricey. It can be a payday treat!


Fancy trying it? Click here to book your class, they do an offer for £10 for your first class, so well worth a try.

I’m now on the hunt for where to try next, any suggestions?

Thank you so much for reading, oh and happy Bank Holiday Monday!!

Jessica X

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