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Last night I had the pleasure of visiting newly opened Dance & Fitness Studio ‘Omnida’ in Turnpike Lane, London, to experience their brand new Hot Yoga class. I was welcomed by very friendly, approachable ladies, and a cup of my favourite tea: Pukka’s Licoricise & Peppermint. There was a super healthy spread of food to nibble on (yay) and the girls were more than happy to talk me through the studios background, purpose and all the classes they have on offer. After a short introduction, we went straight into the warm studio for a session of Hot Yoga. We were provided with towels and mats, which was handy as I had completely forgotten mine at home!


Nicola was our Yoga Instructor for the session, she was very professional and friendly. She led a 30-40 minute class for us which featured a whole range of poses, incorporating relaxation, strength, flexibility and endurance. The class was quite fast paced and hard, although being a relatively short session made it easier. As I’ve said previously, I struggle in the knowledge that I was once a lot stronger, more flexible and had less ‘bumpy bits and rolls’ getting in my way whilst I attempt to crow pose, however, the peace I feel after practise makes it all worth it, and the more practise I do, the more improvements I will see, so I must keep up this strong mentality.

IMG_1357 IMG_1360 IMG_1361

I loved the music being played in the class, it was a great selection of songs to empower and relax all of us (plus, I prefer yoga if there’s music to be honest, so this was definitely a winner with me). The heat was great, not too hot which was good as I was wearing quite thick leggings – oops. And the girls at the event were just so lovely and inspiring – I got so excited to meet lots of people who have blogs and understand the embarrassment felt taking photos of an avocado in the middle of a market, or the annoyance felt when you’ve written a post to go out in November, but by February it still isn’t out and isn’t relevant anymore! Haha! But yes, more to the point, the evening was set out very well, the class was a huge success and with such a great timetable of classes, I know I will be back to try something new very soon. If you fancy having a look at the studio classes yourself here is Omnida’s website:

IMG_1383 IMG_1369

Now, for the goody bag, which I know you’ll be all excited to see what was inside! Kindly, we were all given a lovely goody bag filled with healthy treats fit for a health blogger:

  • Omnida tote bag in grey
  • Six Physio waterbottle
  • Teapigs Morning Glory tea
  • Faith In Nature shower gel & bath foam (watermelon)
  • Rude Health Organic Granola (mini pack)
  • PunchFoods Superseeds x2 in Cinnamon Spice & Maca Caramel
  • GreenPeople Vita Min Fix 24 Hour Cream
  • GreenPeople Quinoa & Artichoke shampoo

IMG_1390 IMG_1387 IMG_1386

I’m very excited to try out all of the products, especially the full bottle of Faith In Nature shower gel, as it smells amazing.

Thank you ever so much to Omnida Studios for the invite, you were all so kind and accommodating and I cannot wait to come back and try some more classes with you all. Also, thank you to all the companies that provided the amazing treats in our goody bags, these will be thoroughly enjoyed!

Go check out Omnida for dance, fitness and yoga classes, I would definitely recommend the studio and wouldn’t doubt that the other classes will be as professional and enjoyable as the class I took last night.

Much love,

Jessica Xx


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