My (Terrible) Week In Workouts No.2

I’m late again…I’m just going to put it out there and suggest that Monday should be the day that I post my weekly workouts – clearly Sundays have not been working out for me!

Oh gosh, I hate to say last week was a terrible week for workouts; I was super busy visiting family up North, I met my 8 week old nephew for the first time (adorable) and I also had work, so my exercise routine fell by the wayside. It’s good in some respects as it’s been a lesson learnt; I know now, if I have lots going on in a week, I must prepare my workouts around whatever is going on, otherwise it just won’t get done!

I’m not completely disappointed in myself, I try not to focus on the negatives. However, this week wasn’t what I had in mind for my second weekly workout post! So my third has to be amazing to make up for this not so great week. Anyway, here is my second weekly workout post…

My Mondays consist of this!

My Mondays consist of this!

My week last week looked like this:

Monday – Preparation for Dance and Stretch class. So basically I did the class but not full out, I got a little sweat on and I was up and moving for an hour, so it’s better than nothing! Remember to be positive and know that even a little 10 minute workout or 15 minute walk can impact your health in a good way!

Sadly, this tasted like frogs spawn. Devastated!

Tuesday – Dance and stretch! It was the last class of the month so I made it slightly harder, pushing the ladies limits (and my own) in order to end the class on a high. It was extremely enjoyable, I felt my body relax more into deeper stretches, my muscles lengthen and my core strengthen. It was a huge success, I will miss this class dearly. The ladies have been so inspirational and motivating for me to work with, I’m so sad the class has ended.

Sunday – Firstly, I wanted to squeeze a little more into my week so when I had a moment to myself, I did squats, lunges and planks! In no means was it hard, challenging or a ‘workout’, but thinking about what I said earlier, every little thing you do, will only improve your health and make you feel stronger! Then in the evening, I did a Hatha Yoga class and this time, it was definitely a harder class. We were ‘resting’ in plank rather than childs pose and the class was much more dynamic this week than last week. It was a challenging, sweaty class and I loved it!

Loved this though!

A motivational quote of the week:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

This quote has stuck with me all week; it’s so true, if you have ideals of how you want to live your life, you must create it for yourself. I know it’s not so easy, trust me, I know, however there are many things you can do in order to make your life more enjoyable. For me right now, creating a fitness routine and looking after my health much more will allow me to live a life that I constantly wish for – but wishing won’t do shit, doing something will.

My power song:

Bad Blood by Taylor Swift has to be my power song this week. I have loved this song since I bought her album, however, with the hype of her video release, I once again have become addicted to this tune! A great power song – one to get a bit of anger out to!

My favourite downtime activity:

Face masks and family time! As I said, I went home to the North to spend some well deserved time with my beautiful family. I didn’t make it round to see all of them unfortunately (I have such a huge family!) but I did catch up with my Mum, my older sisters, I met my new nephew and saw some of my other lovely little nieces and nephews, it was so lovely to see them all. Myself and my eldest niece Ella had real girlie time with face masks and Youtube videos one evening – we love these nights together!

Ella & I beautifying ourselves!

My go-to workout snack or meal:

MyProtein Cookies and Cream Impact Diet Whey has been my fave snack this week. I have never been into having protein shakes however, a friend of mine suggested I try this one as it helps curb those sweet cravings (which I have many of!) and fills you up quite quickly. It actually has worked and I will definitely be ordering another batch of this when I start to get low, I’ve got my eye on Vanilla Cookie next time!

Who has motivated me this week:

My Mum! I spent a few days at her home this week (which I don’t get to do that often as I live quite far and work full time) and we just had lovely conversations, planning all the exciting things we’ve got this year (weddings, birthdays and plenty more) and we talked about fitness, health, yoga, food – all the things we love! I feel all motivated and inspired today for the week ahead and my Mum definitely helped me feel this way, so thanks Mum!

Jessica, the girl who wished she’d be invited to be in Taylor Swifts Bad Blood video! X


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  1. Ann-Marie
    1st June 2015 / 12:21 pm

    A great blog !
    Inspiration is what we all need and it’s so wonderful to see you full of energy and focused on your fitness regime once again! I have just done an hour power walk and followed that with an hour Pilates class – feel revived after a hectic weekend and look forward to some form of exercise every day as it is so GOOD for body and mind!
    Keep up all the hard work – dance , sing and exercise to your hearts content and positive results will naturally fall into place , love as ever Mum X

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