My Week in Workouts No.3

It’s Monday, the sun is shining, I’m on my third coffee of the day and I feel like I run the world! Don’t you just love it when you wake up feeling this good for no reason whatsoever? The endorphins have arrived and they’re here to stay.

My week last week looked like this:

Monday – On Monday morning I had great fun with the 10 Minute Belly, Butt & Thigh Blasters DVD. I did two sections of the workout and overall completed a 30 minute workout. It’s a fantastic mini workout which everyone can squeeze into their day, 10 minutes is better than nothing remember! Think squats, lunges and leg lifts (ouchie!).

Tuesday – I attempted my first proper run in a long time and although it was a struggle, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I kept up a good pace of 7 minutes per kilometre and achieved 4km overall.

Hairs looking a little mental after my run – messy hair, don’t care kinda day

Wednesday – Feeling brave and bold on Wednesday? Then why not do Insanity?! I must’ve been mad…I did the Pure Cardio section and MY GOD it was difficult and uber sweaty!

Friday – Dance fun on Fridays with Pump It Up Power Mix DVD. I chose to do the intermediate/advanced level, it’s relatively easy to pick up with lots of repetition so if you don’t get it the first time, you will by the time the third round comes about. I had so much fun doing this DVD, by the end of it I felt like one of Beyonces back up dancers – anyone know if she’s hiring?

Sunday – I did my first 5km in a very long time and it was not easy! The weather was quite hot, my ankle felt a little bit strange (I need new trainers) and my route was full of steep hills and uneven surfaces; it was a challenge. I did it in 38 minutes which is pretty rubbish, especially considering my last 10km was completed in 54 minutes, however it’s a start and I felt damn good afterwards.

Running in my new Sweaty Betty Adrenaline Run Capris

A motivational quote of the week: 

“It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.” This week has not always been easy, each workout I did was a challenge, especially mentally. All I wanted to do was get back in bed and give up or go eat a cookie instead of busting my ass to run even 1km, but I did it, I kept going and I powered out 5 strong workouts this week and my god I feel good for it. It was definitely worth it!

My power song: 

Now this is a silly one…for those who don’t know me that well, I have a real love for musicals and theatre (I have trained at drama and dance school) so the songs that most would find highly annoying and off putting are the ones that spur me on the most! So this weeks power song has to be ‘Naughty’ from Matilda the Musical. The lyrics ‘But nobody else is gonna put it right for me, nobody but me is gonna change my story’ resonates within me – we all have the power inside of us to change our situation for the better, and whether that’s to do with health and fitness, career paths or lifestyle choices, we have to do it for ourselves.

My favourite downtime activity: 

Relaxation this week came in the form of long bubble baths and rose wine! To make it even better, I lit my beautifully scented candles, placed them all around the bathtub and put on my iPods ‘Bath Playlist’ which consists of Florence & The Machine, Tove Lo and Delilah = perfection.

My go-to workout snack or meal: 

Simple, cheap and easy, yet so delicious: greek yoghurt with cinnamon, pumpkin seeds and berries.

photo 1-27

Messy food is the best

Who has motivated me this week:

Beyonce. No explanation needed.

That bod

This week I aim to stay as strong and as motivated, I want to try different classes and I want to complete another 5km but in better time. How was your week? Any workouts you suggest I should try?

Jessica, the endorphin junkie X


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  1. Ann-Marie Lawson
    8th June 2015 / 1:55 pm

    Keep it up – you are looking great and motivating me to do more exercise !
    Tomorrow I am going to stick on a yoga DVD and complete the class x

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