Monster Pet Supplies Party In The Park

As you may know, Willow, our beloved puppy, is our absolute pride and joy. She’s our ‘first born’ and we couldn’t be prouder of our little bear. Being a puppy pawrent is better than I’d have ever imagined, and just when you think it couldn’t get any better, the little bear gets chosen to be a brand rep for Pro Plan Puppy food for Monster Pet Supplies – her first gig – we’re so proud!! But before I blab on about how beautiful and amazing my puppy is, I’ll tell you about the super fun day we had out at the doggie blogger event for Monster Pet Supplies!

Willow and I received a wonderful invitation to the Monster Brand Rep Event at the beautiful Roundhay Park in Leeds on Saturday 1st April about a month ago now. Of course, we agreed to it straight away – after all, Willow loves the camera!

I have never been to a blogging event with my dog before, so I was slightly anxious that it was going to be a big doggie mess – lots of poop, wee, barking and possible doggie disagreements. However, I was pleasantly surprised, every dog behaved exceptionally well and Monster Pet Supplies had planned such a well organised event.

The event was held at the most gorgeous of settings (shame about the rainy weather), Roundhay park is one the most amazing parks I’ve ever visited; it’s a paradise for both the hounds and the humans! We arrived at the event and there were so many beautiful dogs, lots of different breeds, shapes and sizes. All I wanted to do was play with them all and give them huge cuddles. Willow bounced into the room so excited that I thought her tail was going to fly off!

Each dashing doggie had a photoshoot, taken by a professional photographer, so they could choose a few of the dogs to be part of the new branding. Willow behaved really well, I’m pretty sure she was the youngest pup there, and she really didn’t show herself up. I was a very proud Mama!

The photos are lovely (photo credits to Oliver, the professional photographer on the day). Willow lay there like a princess whilst the photographer captured some beautiful shots for us, and also did some tricks just to show off.

To top the day off, we recently received an email to say that Willow has been chosen to be their model for the Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food, which is just amazing!! Take a look here:

We were provided with plenty of delicious cakes, coffees and refreshments for the doggies too. With Easter this month, they also threw a very fun Easter Egg hunt, hiding dog friendly chocolate treats around the park for us all to find. After finding 3 ‘mini’ eggs, the dogs were treated to a huge Easter Egg which we took home with us, saving it for Easter Sunday.

Willow had fun meeting other dogs:

The day didn’t end there either, each dog was given a HUGE box of new products from Monster Pet Supplies to take away with them. The dogs were given cakes, treats, toys and grooming accessories, amongst so much more. In fact, I eyed up some other products that were being showcased on the day, such as the FURminator de-shedding brush which is usually about £27 to buy, and they happily added it to our goodie box along with anything else on show that I saw and wanted to try.

Thank You!

We’d love to say a big thank you to Monster Pet Supplies for a fantastic day out, Willow thoroughly enjoyed herself, I think she took a liking to George, she’s such a flirt! We also love all our goodies, especially the Furminator, it’s working a treat right now whilst she’s shedding so much. We can’t wait to use our voucher too, as there’s plenty of lovely doggie things we’d love to buy, and if you want to check them out too, here is there website: Monster Pet Supplies

Also if you’d like to watch our day at the event, here is the vlog:

Jessica & Willow



  1. Urooba.
    26th April 2017 / 6:57 am

    Seems like that the dogs had a great time! Very cute.

    • Jessica Marie
      26th April 2017 / 7:02 am

      Thanks for popping by Urooba, Willow loved her special day!! X

  2. 26th April 2017 / 2:47 pm

    He is so adorable! Glad he had fun! You really must feel like a proud Mama! I can’t wait to get a puppy of my own XOxxxo

  3. 26th April 2017 / 5:23 pm

    Oh, the event looks great and sounds like you guys had a great time out there! Ah, Willow is adorable <3

    • Jessica Marie
      27th April 2017 / 11:44 am

      Thanks Jasmin!!! It was so much fun!! Xx

  4. 26th April 2017 / 8:02 pm

    Oh wow! I wish I’d had a dog to participate. That event looks like a blast. 🙂 And all those products… Christmas came early for those dogs. Haha!

  5. 26th April 2017 / 9:45 pm

    OMG! Your dog likes exactly like the one I used to have! Unfortunately he got lost somewhere, we don’t know what had happened to him, one day he just never came back from our garden 🙁

  6. 27th April 2017 / 12:12 am

    This is really interesting…makes me want to get a pet

  7. 27th April 2017 / 3:46 am

    These are such great looking pet supplies. And your dog looks absolutely adorable. It reminds me of Oreo when we first got him and he wore all of those Tshirts.

  8. 27th April 2017 / 6:58 am

    What a cute doggy! And he is so spoiled. I love to see this, it makes me happy! The supplies are great as well.

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