The Importance Of ‘Me Time’

Recently, stress has been getting the better of me. I have spent most my days on the phone to various people, or at the computer desperately filling out application forms, trying to get a new job. In the midst of all of this, I have neglected time for myself. But on Sunday evening, I decided to take the control back and dedicate some precious time to freshening myself up and making myself feel better about my body, my appearance and well, my life!

I’m sure many of you can relate here: job applications are not easy. Finding a job isn’t easy. It is stressful, time consuming, expensive, draining and makes you feel somewhat of a failure. No matter your experience, your qualifications and your determination to succeed, job applications are friggin’ hard work. And no matter what people so frivolously say, jobs just don’t ‘fall into one’s lap’. Your dream job isn’t ‘just around the corner’. And no, companies aren’t always ‘desperate for staff that they’ll take anyone on’! URGH, the things people say to you when you’re job hunting. Grinds on me so much!

Anyway, my rant was slightly off topic there. I’m unsure if it was needed. But to hell with it, I’m keeping it in! So, my point here is that, within stressful times in our lives, whether that be whilst studying for important exams, being ill for a long period of time, or just simply going through testing times, we must take time out off the ‘stress zone’ to refocus and refresh.

My New, Made Up, Self-Care Routine (lets hope it sticks)

Lately I have neglected my routine and found my legs were almost as hairy as my dogs and that my toe nails looked more like Tom’s (sorry Tom) than my own. Not a good look. In fact, I’d go as far as to say Tom’s look a little more lady like than my own right now. GREAT.

So Sunday came around and I stopped in my tracks and declared upstairs was for me, and me only. No dog. No Tom. Just me, myself and I. Oh and a fantastic playlist. Calm and chilled music only: Lapsley and Christine and The Queens alike (current obsession, think I’ve listened to IT over 300 times already).

I showered for about 30 minutes, shaving EVERYWHERE (TMI – to hell with it!). I washed my hair. Like properly washed it. Like the hairdressers do. Getting every little strand covered in shampoo, and even trying to give myself a head massage like I get at the salon. Slight fail, but brownie points for trying!

I then got out the shower into a very steamy room, stood there for a few minutes, already feeling better to be almost hair-less. Then after towelling down, I moisturised. Like ACTUALLY moisturised my entire body. Now, I know some people do this after every shower. Well done you people. I wish I could say I was THAT organised and great at looking after myself. But I’m not. When I moisturise, I feel I should get a sticker or something that I can wear all day and show people how much I’ve achieved that day!

The moisturiser of choice was sooo worth it because it also tans me. So not only am I feeling super duewy and soft, I’m also going to wake up feeling like I’ve been to Portugal for a month. Winning! It is this one here: Dove DermaSpa (highly recommend for those like me: pale & slightly lazy). Oh, it also smells like summer in a bottle!

Here are some of the products I used on Sunday!

Then after letting myself ‘dry’ off. I put on a silky robe, which made me feel like a Victoria Secrets Model. Shame I’m not. But hey ho, life’s a bitch! And then I did a manicure AND a pedicure on myself, which made me feel super girlie and happy. Only slight issue, I forgot to shave my hairy toes. So they look more like I’ve painted Tom’s than my own. Oops! Anyway, that didn’t stop me walking downstairs showcasing my hands and feet to Tom. He had no idea what was going on. Men, hey!

Now it didn’t stop there. I washed my face, put on moisturisers, eye creams and anti-ageing products, in the hopes of waking up looking 18 again. I might only be 26, but my God, I feel like I’ve taken a trip to wrinkle city and brought back waaaay too many souvenirs! Anti-ageing creams are my best friends at the moment.

Then to top it all off, I got in bed at 9pm. I took a herbal tea to my bed. Peppermint and liquorice is my go-to tea. Pukka, totally recommend it. And I sat there listening to my music, drinking my tea and flicking through magazines before hitting the sack for an early night. It was PURE BLISS. And you know what? I am going to do it all again this Sunday. And so should you!! Trust me, you’ll feel 10 million times better for it.

Anyway, I do hope you will allow yourselves to enjoy some ‘ME TIME’ soon. We all need it and we all feel better for it. Let me know what products are your go-to products when you have ‘me time’. Thanks for reading!


Jessica Xx


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