London, you’re lovely

When the sun is shining in London, one of my absolute favourite things to do, is to pick a tube station at random to get off at, and from there, walk anywhere and everywhere. It’s the best way to discover new places, to explore the unknown and to let spontaneity take charge.

With Alex having recently made the move to the Big Smoke, my days off have gotten even better-I get to share my London adventures with her! I walk further, I’m out for longer, therefore the day is better. Thanks for moving here Alex!

We chose Hyde Park Corner as our starting point, and by the end of our day, I think we’d covered the whole of South West London! Myself and Alex ended up walking just over 15km, engrossed in conversation and the stunning surroundings.

When leaving my house, the weather did not appear to be fantastic, so I threw on a winter jumper (even considering a coat!) but to my surprise, and Alex’s who was also in a jumper, the sun was out in full force and hotter than ever! We literally felt as though we’d gone abroad for the day. Luckily we were both equipped with another layer; jumpers came off and stayed off all day.

One thing I completely forgot about when choosing to do a lakeside walk was all the bloody BIRDS. I’m sorry if this will offend anyone, but I can’t stand them. In fact, I’m petrified of them! I’d love to have videoed all of the hilarious moments I ducked down and ran away from all the winged creatures (whilst probably swearing extremely inappropriately in front of strangers!).

If fairies exsist, they definitely live here!

After the first 7km, tummies were grumbling and the heat began to feel a little too much-it was time for an energy boost. We decided to try The Good Eatery on Sloane Avenue for the first time, having seen a few tasty shots on IG paired with great reviews, we couldn’t resist.

To start, we spent £6 (I’m going to pretend it was £2 instead) on a smoothie each. They were really lovely, but so overpriced! I had the Berry Sunrise which although contained quite a bit of fruit (banana, blueberries and blackberries) it did taste much more of the almond milk and nut butter flavours. It was delicious, but I think my body was after something a little bit more refreshing!


Then for lunch Alex and I both picked the same thing, of course, choosing the Sunset Club Sandwich. Wow. If there was no such thing as a full tummy, I could’ve eaten this twice over. I will never order a club sandwich again, unless at The Good Eatery. I will be back there very soon, I already know what I want next time, the Zucchini Fettuchini, because ‘pesto is the besto’ (friends quote)!


We ended our day with a sit down opposite the dinosaur in The Natural History Museum, discussing the good old days, when school took up most of our days and teenage troubles consumed our minds. Now we’re nearing 25 and our get togethers are more about babies, bills and buying houses! Crazy!

a terrible photo, but the only evidence that we spent the day together, so its being shown!

Not long before I spend an unforgettable weekend with this one, and my two other forever friends, in the London sunshine. I can not wait!

Jessica, the sun burnt, freckled, red head! X


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