Luxury Candles & Perfumes from Jo Malone

Last Christmas I was extremely spoilt. I was given some absolutely gorgeous gifts, all luxurious and well thought out. Two gifts that I am absolutely in love with, are those Tom bought me from Jo Malone. Yes girls, he’s a keeper I know!

Mr Romantic over here treated me to my first Jo Malone candle in 2015. Tom bought me the Red Roses candle, which obviously went down a treat. After a successful Christmas in 2015, he decided to head back to Jo Malone, and treat me to another candle, as well as a perfume this time! Lucky, lucky girl!

He decided to gift me a different scent this time, so I could experience another one of their products. I thought it would be difficult to top the Red Roses Candle, but boy was I wrong! I’m already obsessed with the English Pear and Freesia. Although, I am patiently waiting until we are moved into our new house before I burn the candle.

Although Jo Malone candles are expensive, I honestly believe they are worth every penny. They make a mantle piece or a bedside table look luxurious and complete. They’re also packaged beautifully. And their aromas are usually strong without being overbearing. Plus they last so long. Especially if like me, you treasure every burning minute!

I’m very excited to start burning the candle in our new home, it will be a nice association for the house. Plus the English Pear and Freesia scent is designed to be uplifting, help you to wind down and to add an air of luxury, which sounds pretty perfect for starting in a new house.

Tom wanted to treat me to a perfume as well. He chose the Tuberose Angelica Cologne Intense which is GORGEOUS! He did admit he was very nervous about choosing a perfume for me though.

Tips boys:

You can NEVER go wrong with Jo Malone. Valentine’s Day is coming up…hint, hint!

I loved the fact that he has picked one he found enticing. The perfume is sexy, feminine and sparks curiosity. Online it is described as ‘the queen of white florals’, and ‘intoxicating and desirable’. I’ve started to use the perfume, although sparingly, as it’s definitely more of an evening scent.

Thank you to Tom for being the best boyfriend ever. Let’s persuade him to keep at it, as the more beauty products he buys me, the more reviews I can do! Haha! But seriously, he is amazing and he really does know what ‘floats my boat’!

If you’re stuck trying to think of a luxurious gift to buy a friend or to ask your boyfriend for, then definitely head over to Jo Malone as their products are just *wow*. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for popping by, remember to come back Wednesday for WIAW no.3 – it’s going to be a good’un!

Jessica Xx


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