“I’m so collllllllllld”

Who knows where I’m going with the ‘I’m so collllllllld’ reference?!? Anyone?! Well, if like me, you were glued to Big Brother way back in 2006, then you’ll know exactly what I mean…Nikki Grahame eat your heart out! I absolutely loved BB that year…I’d go as far to say I was obsessed!

Anyway, my point was: it most definitely feels like winter is upon us. I’m layering up with jumpers, cosy knits and chunky scarfs, big winter boots and base layers. My heating is on full blast and I feel the need to wrap a blanket around me and sit with a herbal tea at almost every hour. I am more a summer bunny for sure, however, getting cosy by the fire, toasting marshmallows to go with a hot chocolate, or buying Christmas pyjamas definitely makes me excited for winter. It feels the perfect time for us to get the board games out, make delicious stews and gather groups of friends together for fun nights in. Don’t you think?


As the weather gets more chilly, I will be rocking my new Snowflake Leggings (which I’m wearing above) and matching Top from Sweaty Betty pretty much every day at work. The outfit is unbelievably comfortable as well as super cosy – there’s no way I’ll be getting cold in these base layers this year. My only complaint is they don’t come with a ski holiday…darn! Wearing my little ensemble makes me want to hit the slopes…maybe next year!

I also visited New Look and bought a lovely cropped jumper which I’m pairing with high waisted jeans below. It comes in a few different colours and I’m very tempted to buy more of them, I’ve got my eye on the royal blue one. I’ve also been treated to a brand new MAC Lipstick in Russian Red and I can not stop wearing this, it’s so festive. I adore red lips!


What are your winter must-haves?

Jessica Xx


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