Home: The 5* Hotel! (Blogmas Day 12)

Now I KNOW it’s Christmas when I come home to my Mums. Pulling into the drive last night, I immediately felt festive and excited for the big day. If you were wondering why I love Christmas so much, it’s because of my Mum. She literally makes the whole house shine with Christmas spirit; from beautiful, big candles decorated with golden antlers and bells, to wooden advent calendars filled with delicious treats to the tree being something you could only dream of in your wildest dreams. Every part of her home is touched with Christmas magic.

IMG_4833 IMG_4832 IMG_4830

We’re visiting for a few nights to see my Granddad for his 80th birthday, for a catch up with our friends and to of course for a lovely break, because coming back home is like being at a 5* hotel!


Mum left out my Christmas onesie, cosy socks, a beautifully scented lit candle, along with two hot water bottles and towels for Tom and I, it was honestly like visiting a hotel! She treats us well!! I have loved being home, can I stay a little longer?!

IMG_4842 IMG_4837 IMG_4835

How lovely is it looking? It’s magical! Thank you so much to my Mum and Paul for having us home for the weekend and making it a real treat, just what we needed! Also a shout out to my Granddad who turned 80 yesterday!!

Much love,

Jessica Xx


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