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So, already we’re at that time of the month again (no not that time of the month, the other time of the month:monthly favourites!). I can’t believe how fast May went, I know old people say this kind of thing, but how quickly is this year going? I’m a little unsettled by it all. Mr.T joked about my 30th birthday the other day and I’m only blooming 24!! Scared the heebie jeebies about of me.

Anyway, moving on…May! What a month May was; with Mr.T turning a young 23, trips to beautiful hotels and exciting theme parks, with the weather starting to look up (thank god!) and summer feeling as though it’s going to eventually arrive, I’ve had a very busy and enjoyable month.  I had such a fun experience with Aprils favourites that I wanted to do it again (and hopefully month after month) but try and make it a little better each time. Don’t want to bore anyone of course, advice would be highly appreciated.

Without further ado, I’d like to present to you: Mays Favourites!

Sweaty Betty Limited Edition Peace Swimsuit

This was quite pricey for what it is, and trust me when I say this kind of purchase doesn’t happen very often! However, saying that, I do get a discount with them so I didn’t pay out the full £95 hefty price tag! I have to start by saying this swimsuit is deceivingly beautiful. The colour looks amazing against my pale skin tone, which surprised me, and the fit with the cutaway detailing is so flattering, even whilst I’m carrying a few too many extra pounds! I’m sure it’ll look even better when I’ve got my body back…exciting!

Glam Glow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment

Oh gosh, it’s a thrifty monthly favourites! This, once again, is a pricey product, but for me it’s been really worth it. My skin, as hormonal as it can be, has been quite clear for the past few months, the only issue I’ve been facing is dryness around my nose. I read about this product and the reviews were insanely good so I desperately wanted to give it ago. I haven’t been disappointed. Now I won’t lie, my dry nose has not disappeared, it still is a little apparent when I put my make up on, however, it has improved. I’m impressed by how silky my skin feels and how little you have to use – this product will last a long time, and so it should with that price tag.

GHD Air Rose Gold Limited Edition Professional Hairdryer

When you have hair like mine, you need a hairdryer like this. I love this hairdryer, it’s actually allowed me to enjoy drying my hair for once, it used to feel like a chore but with this amazing (and did I mention beautiful) dryer, the job gets done so much faster than I’ve ever experienced before. I first came across these when I went to Reebok Gym London, in which they have them in the changing rooms (what a luxury!!). I was so impressed that it went straight onto my wish list, and my Mum treated me to the special edition in rose gold for my birthday! Lucky girl. I would highly recommend this to anyone with thick long hair, although it’s a little pricey, it’s definitely worth the money. You will not be disappointed.

MoroccanOil Ionic Ceramic Thermal Brush

Paired with my GHD hairdryer, this brush helps me to make my hair look voluptuous and bouncy (at least I’d like to think it does!). I love it when my hair is curly/wavy rather than straight, I don’t feel I suit straight hair.  I’m getting really good at using this brush, initially managing the hairdryer and the brush all at the same time was an absolute nightmare, I felt as thought I was doing a challenge for ITV’s The Cube! But now I’ve had a little more practise, I’m definitely getting the hang of it now and my hair is starting to look more salon finished, well almost!

Ojon Revitalizing Mist

I use this product daily. I’m sure you can tell: the bottle is empty! I need a new one asap.  Again, my hair is big, wavy, a little uncontrollable and knots like there’s no tomorrow, so for me, this product is my saving grace.  You can put it on damp towelled hair (which is what I usually do) or you can spray onto dry hair also. Not only does this product make my knotty hair brush-able, it also makes it smell absolutely divine!


Facemasks, Deodrants and Fake Tan

Rimmels Instant Tan is an absolute Summer must for me; being a redhead, fake tan is the only tan I’ll ever get! If products were friends, this one would be my BFF. It’s so easy to apply, just don’t forget to put on your hand mitt otherwise you’ll end with Oompa Loompa hands, not a good look!

PitROKs Crystal Deodrant is my new favourite product. It has no nasty chemicals, feels amazing against my skin and lasts all day long, even whilst working out – winner!

NSpa face masks are lovely to use. I always worry about my reactive, hormonal skin so I tend to put on a face mask once a week during a bath. I believe they make a difference, although I do want to make my own soon, I think they’d be much better for my skin. Just off to buy myself some avocado and cucumber…

What have you been loving in the month of May?

Any suggestions on products for dry skin and uncontrollable hair?!

Jessica X


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