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One of my favourite things in life at the moment is when my Women’s Health magazine subscription arrives in the postbox. I also love it when Mr T comes home with flowers. Today both of these things happened. Am I the luckiest girl in the world?

This months cover girl: Ellie Goulding. I love her! I was once addicted to having Starry Eyed on repeat whilst I danced around my bedroom until my legs felt weak. Seeing her live at V Fest a couple of years back was an amazing experience, although I do have a vague memory of crying during her set (her music got me through quite a tough time) and I guess the alcohol didn’t help! I think she’s a real inspiration to women who want to be fit and healthy. She doesn’t have an unachievable body, in fact her body, although sculpted and shows the results of hard work, is quite ‘normal’ (if there is such thing) and natural. You can tell she actually enjoys running, she likes to workout and her body isn’t a result of over exercise and under-eating, it’s something she’s achieved through happiness and healthy habits.

As a qualified personal trainer and a health freak (who loves some not so healthy treats) I don’t always agree or enjoy what the magazine contains, however, just like a blog post, you take what you want from it. I learn a little, get a bit of celeb body goss and usually feel really inspired by tips and tricks others have tried and tested.

I made a night out of my magazine arrival, of course. I made myself a very dull dinner (as I’m a singleton tonight with Mr T out in London), ran myself a bubble bath, painted my nails and sat in my blanket-covered bed with a large glass of red wine and my Womens Health magazine. Sometimes these nights are the best!

Ok, so I didn’t go for a nice spring pink colour, but I don’t always think they suit my skin tone! I decided to go darker with a Dior polish which I got at Christmas. It kind of reminds me of mushrooms which might not float everyones boat, but I love it! I’m not the best at doing my nails, I actually find it quite difficult to put on properly and not immediately ruin. I sat for ages after my first coat just to make sure. I also find that sometimes my nails just don’t want to keep the polish on for much longer than a day – I’ve tried applying top coats, base coats galore – but nothing seems to work! Let me know if you have the same problem and what on earth you do as I’d love an answer, it drives me mad.

What makes you happy each month?  Do you subscribe to a particular magazine? Do you enjoy a night alone at home?

Jessica X


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