Goals for my 26th year!


Before I reveal my goals for my 26th year, I first want to tell you about my very lazy Sunday. It was my last Sunday as a 25 year old, so I chose to stay in bed for almost 3/4 of my day and wear my pjs all day long, as obviously a 26 year old would never do such a thing! Tom and I had breakfast in bed followed by a Harry Potter marathon whilst Willow jumped between us both until she got sleepy and then crashed on me.

I made myself a pot of tea in none other than Mrs. Potts herself, with Chip as my mini mug! I originally had my bambi pjs on until I spilt tea all down them, so had to change into my Harry Potter ones! Do you really believe I’m turning 26 this week?! No I’m not sure I believe it either!

So because I’m getting that little bit older this week, I thought I’d write another little list of things I’d like to do when I’m 26. Writing your goals down and putting them out there for everyone to see is a good way to really stay motivated and work hard to achieve those goals. It has been proven also that writing things down actually helps you get things done, giving you focus and clarity. So here goes…

  1.  Find a job which I wake up on a Monday excited to get to, and that hopefully can lead to a career I’m passionate about and dedicated to.
  2. Start saving for the important things in life. Start that fund for the big, and very exciting, adult things to come!!
  3. Have fun, do more and live life to the fullest! 25 has been such an incredible age (lots of amazing memories made) and I want to keep that up throughout my 26th year (on a budget of course).
  4. Move…relocate…you’ll find out more very soon!
  5. Make Yoga a part of my daily life, because I’m much more chilled out after practise. It’s a matter of making the effort initially, so that it becomes habit.
  6. Blog, vlog and be more socially present. I’ve learnt a lot recently from my amazing blogger friends about the little things you must do to be more visible. So I actually want to see, if I really, really put my all into it, how much I can achieve with a little more ‘oomph’!
  7. Last, but not least (and kind of to do with no.6), it’s about numbers…I know we shouldn’t get hung up on numbers, and I promise you I’m not, but I would very much like to hit the ‘1000’ mark on all my social media channels. So my Twitter and Instagram are both at around the 700 mark right now so these are the two I’m most likely to succeed at. But I would so love for my YouTube to get to that over my 26th year too (that means a mere 840 more subscribers left to go…!!!). Nothing like aiming high!!

So what do you think? Are these realistic and good goals for a 26 year old? I hope so! Thank you so much for reading, and please, if you haven’t already, go and subscribe to my YouTube channel to help a girl out!

Love always, Jessica Xx


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