Getting organised (Blogmas day 13,14 & 15!)

As I have said before Christmas is a mad time and time does seem to slip through your fingers, along with your money! But it’s very important to make time for yourself and stay healthy and relaxed during this very busy month. As Christmas day is nearing (10 days to be exact!) I’d like to think that everyone is beginning to feel a little more organised and can allow time to put their feet up at the end of the day with a hot chocolate or a mulled wine and spend an evening with a loved one, without worry or stress. Easier said than done of course, however, I want to share some of my personal tips with you about keeping on top of things and actually relaxing over Christmas. I devised a few questions which I’d love for other bloggers to use on their blog and tag my blog in their post so I can see your answers!! Also if you want to fill out your answers in the comments please do!


Describe a relaxing evening

A relaxing evening for me has to include three things: a bath, a candle and a snuggle on the sofa!

How do you de-stress?

There are plenty ways I de-stress, but during Christmas it’s slightly harder to fit the time in to do it all, without getting more stressed! So I usually try and keep it simple by trying to prevent the stress instead. For example, it’s such a busy time with so much to do, that I’m better waking up earlier than usual in order to make more time. Multitask: wrap presents whilst waiting for dinner to cook, or whilst watching Christmas films. Enjoying a good deep sleep after a bubble bath and a pukka tea is a gem!

Wrap presents now or Christmas eve?

NOW!!!! I wish I could do it all on Christmas eve but I have far too many presents to wrap and my Christmas eve will include a long 5 hour drive too!

How can you actually take time for yourself over this busy month?

Wake up earlier, go to bed later and organise your day each morning by writing to do lists for the day ahead. Make sure on the to do list there is something like ‘take a bubble bath’ or ‘go to lunch with your bestie’!

How do you afford it all?

Mr.T and I actually start saving a couple of months earlier, otherwise it just would be too hard. We both have huge families and we love buying gifts, so money has to come from somewhere. I’ll admit, it isn’t easy, but it is enjoyable so we make sure we spend our money well and save up as much as possible before December. Also setting a budget really helps, but you have to stick to the budget too!

Tips on saving but still buying lovely gifts

I like to have an idea of what I want to buy for every person, I work out how much it will cost and find the best price on the market. I will shop around! Then if I can find it cheaper, I then know I have a little more money to spend on that one person. That way, I will buy them a little something extra. I enjoy buying something little to go with the main present such as a bag of chocolate coins, a face mask, a pair of socks or getting a photo printed to put in a card.

Favourite activity over Christmas?

Definitely putting up the Christmas tree! I really enjoy getting a Christmas playlist together, buying Christmas goodies and then spending the evening decorating the tree with Tom. I also really enjoy wrapping presents too, and organising strangely enough!

Sorry about my lack of blogmas recently, but do not panic, I am back and ready to rock and roll! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and are starting to feel more organised. Make sure you’re making time for yourself to relax and de-stress!

Much Love,

Jessica Xx


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