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Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently…but no need to fear, as I am back and I’m here to stay! As you may know, I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. I know what health is, how to be fit, how to lose weight, train for a sport, the difference between a quick fix diet and a lifestyle change, I have studied it all, I have experienced it all. I have been very fit and very healthy, I have also been very unhealthy and obsessed with it all, and now I am very unhealthy and very unfit (‘very’ in comparison to what I ever have been). And I, like many others I have trained or just people I have met, haven’t got the most simple relationship with food and exercise. I feel like I need a personal trainer with a therapist and a dietician, 24 hours a day to ‘fix’ my approach to being healthy and fit. It’s a personal battle, and it’s quite a normal one too, but I find it more difficult I suppose, because I have all the knowledge yet can not apply it personally. It’s embarrassing. Or at least I feel it to be.


But I am at the point now which I want to make significant changes in my life. I don’t want to be saying this next year, the year after that and ten years after that. It’s very easy to be stuck in a rut and to go through each week planning on making changes but then never actually going through with them. I have found myself in this position for a little while now – being ‘all talk and no action’. I’ve taken the ‘namastay in bed’ kinda route and overlooked the ‘you are what you eat’ and ‘do good, feel good’ motto’s. But not any longer. I WANT to ‘do good, feel good’, and I WANT to look in the mirror and see what hard work and success looks like. I WANT to enjoy food and exercise like I once did, rather than just eat for the sake of eating, or struggle when I’m late for a train because running for even 2 minutes gets me! I have made a decision today and I am not looking back.

My main goal is to be healthy, happy with my body and fit.

So how am I going to do it? Well, as I said, I know the difference between a diet and a lifestyle change, and I want to make sure my changes today and from this point onwards will become part of my daily routine and life choices, rather than something that I give up on in 5 weeks time because it’s too hard, boring, stressful or forced. So I am doing everything sensibly and slowly, and I am not going to do or eat anything I don’t enjoy. Life is too short for that! I have got plenty of delicious recipe books with foods fit for a wannabe fitness queen, and I have downloaded a few apps on my phone to keep me motivated and on top of it all. I have also researched some plans online and found one which I am going to try for 6 weeks, starting today.

My plan is to change my approach to food and exercise and to make conscious efforts by following a 6 week fitness plan along with using healthy recipes and motivating apps.

The apps I have downloaded:



7min Workout

Bikini Body

And a few more, although I won’t be using them all at once as I don’t want to overwhelm myself.

The recipe books I will be using:

The Body Coach

Madeleine Shaw Get The Glow

And things I find online (Pinterest, BBC Good Food etc)


I will update my progress on the blog each week (I used to do this and really enjoyed it, so I’m bringing back the ‘My Week In Workouts‘ feature!), hopefully it will inspire others to start their journey back to health. It’s something I am well and truly determined to achieve, but I’m aware it won’t be easy. So today, I begin my journey back to being a healthy and fit young woman – wish me luck!

Next Update – *Sunday*

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to contact if you have any tips or advice, or if you want to help support each other on this journey.

Jessica Xx


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