Find your tribe and stick with them

You know you’re lucky when you choose friends age 11 and they’re still your forever friends at 24. Strange to think the four of us have known each other for a lengthy 13 years now and even when not seeing each other for months on end, because life as an adult is busy and expensive, things never change!


Our weekend started with champagne, lots of it of course, and never-ending conversations full of catch ups and girl gossip. We ended up staying in at home, to be free of make up and free of worries. It was a perfect setting for a chilled summer evening with friends and a start to an unforgettable weekend.


We started with a huge, scrumptious breakfast at Brixton Food Market, and me being me, had to have the pancakes. This very cool market in Brixton is somewhere all the cool kids go (myself included!), you choose a pop up restaurant, wait for a plastic table to be free and then sit, eat, drink and be merry. It’s a cheap, chilled and fun place to go with friends.

We paid a visit to Hyde Park because the weather was stunning and we couldn’t deny ourselves of the beautiful walk and possible tan lines.

With Leah training to be a Personal Trainer also, we couldn’t resist trying to double plank together in Hyde Park, even with dresses on!

After fun in the park, we heard Happy Hour calling our names, so headed towards the gorgeous rooftop bar Aqua Kyoto just of Regents Street to sip cocktails in the sun. I honestly felt as though I was holidaying in the Algarve for the afternoon!

To finish the day off with a bang we got ready for our evening meal at Bob Bob Ricard in Soho, followed by drinks and dancing at El Camion! My dinner was absolutely mouthwateringly amazing. I had the Beef Wellington (ignoring the price tag) and a side of mash potato. WOW. Now that’s a dinner I won’t forget! Out of pure curiosity, I wanted to try to Rhubarb Gin and Tonic and although I wouldn’t normally choose this kind of drink (as I’m more of a wine or champagne drinker) I absolutely loved it. My whole experience at Bob Bob Ricard was unforgettable, I will definitely be going back, just maybe when I’ve saved up a bit of money!

The four of us had such a special weekend together and it just reminds me how lucky I am, not only to have the opportunity to have such an incredible weekend, visiting very fancy restaurants and spending money as though I’m a millionaire (which I’m definitely not!) but also, just to have the friends that I have, they are amazing. I feel blessed.

Thanks for the read, do visit these wonderful bars and restaurants if you can…you can thank me later!

Jessica X



  1. 1st September 2015 / 11:49 am

    Jessica, this post made me want some of that delicious food and drink! Yum. Also, the pics of planking in Hyde park made me laugh out loud, totally something I would be doing with my girlfriends.

    • Jessica Marie
      1st September 2015 / 11:51 am

      Thank you Megan!! The food was delicious, it’s making me hungry just thinking about it!! X

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