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Recently, Charlotte from Coconut Lane reached out to me as a blogger to ask if I wanted to become a brand ambassador (or Coconut Queen should I say)! I got extremely excited that a company would be thinking of me as someone worthy enough to be a brand ambassador, but even more excited when I found out about the beautiful and fun products that they sold. Furthermore, the girls behind the company are just two normal girls trying to make a living doing something they love, and that to me, is just #inspiring <3


After a few lengthy emails being passed between Charlotte and myself, I soon realised this was something I wanted to do: I wanted to support a brand with such passionate and determined women running the show. Coconut-Lane, being relatively new, is an upcoming online brand which sells home accessories (including ‘What Would Beyoncé Do? framed picture which was featured in my last post: Organising My Beauty Station), gorgeous jewellery and amazing phone cases. And this is just the beginning. With reasonable prices and such inspirational products to put in and around your home or on the back of your iPhone, it’s a website I struggle to only make one purchase on!

I of course went weak at the knees seeing the framed ‘What Would Beyoncé Do?’ picture, easily becoming my first purchase, along with numerous phone cases and a greeting card for my little sisters birthday ‘You are the Kendall to my Kylie’…the Kardashians are my guilty pleasure!

IMG_1188 IMG_1190

I now own a few gorgeous and secure phone cases for my precious iPhone, which needs a fix up after my recent drop and stamp incident (double whammy phone breakage!). Plus with my dream blogging space in mind, I’ve bought the inspirational framed quotes to motivate me on my down days…shame I’ve not quite got the space yet! Oh well, for now it can sit by my bed – I usually blog from the comfort of my bed anyway!


What do you think? Cool huh? Well it’s your lucky day, as due to being a Coconut Queen, I have been honoured with a 20% off code for all my readers, so if you fancy a ‘Born Sassy’ framed pictured or a greeting card to someone who may just love themselves more than ‘Kanye loves Kanye’ then go on over to:

Discount code: alltheworld20 for your 20% off!!

Let me know what you buy! Go on. Treat yourself!

Much love,

The newly crowned Coconut Queen Jessica Xx


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