Many would agree that blogging has become something of the past, maybe slightly unfashionable now. With YouTubers and Instagrammers killing it on social media, who really wants to blog anymore anyway? Well, I kinda do. I love blogging, and I love reading other blogs. Plus I prefer to be vintage than on trend lol! So when everyone’s onto the ‘new cool thing’, I’ll just have started to get the swing of YouTubing! Oh well!

With all the competition, and with the fact that blogging has become a little ‘flat’ in comparison to vlogging for example, you have to work much harder to get yourself out there and keep up with it all. But I’ve recently realised one thing. That even with all the competition, there’s one reason we read some blogs and not others. It’s not necessarily to do with the content (although this is usually why we come across particular blog), it’s because we’re drawn towards the person that’s writing the content.

We are drawn to how they write, the photos they post, how honest they are, who they are, what drives them, if they have certain similarities to us (the reader). We want to know more about the blogger and what they do in their lives, how they’ve gotten to be where they are today and what products they use to keep their skin beautiful, or their house clean, or where they buy their babies clothes. We want to know about them.

There are a few bloggers, who are in my eyes, extremely successful at what they are doing. Not necessarily because they are earning a ton of money from blogging, or because they’re extremely well known, but simply because they write interesting content that I enjoy reading, they are genuine, lovely people and no matter the statistics, they keep posting.

When I started blogging…

So I started to blog years ago now. I started on BlogSpot. I also had a Tumblr (which I still do today, very untouched nowadays though). Writing little bits here and there. I also loved to write diaries, notes and creative ideas down, just for myself. My inspiration definitely came from my love of writing diaries.

Two years ago, I decided to blog on WordPress, but although I knew I wanted to blog, I guess I wasn’t completely sure on my direction. I wanted to be a ‘Lifestyle Blog’ so that I could cover all my interests from fitness and family, to travel and beauty, and just my life in general. Plus, I wanted to write honestly about how I feel about particular things in life, about my issues, things I find hard, what I love doing, what I believe in, and so forth. But every time I started to write an honest post, I feared for the reaction, not from strangers, but from those closest to me.

But as these years have gone on, I feel I’m much more equipped and strong enough to face questions or confrontation on any of the things I may put up on the blog. At the end of the day, I write because it’s a form of therapy and I feel a release from sitting down, writing what I want, perfecting something that I feel is worthy of posting, and then pressing that big PUBLISH button and hoping that someone out there has enjoyed or gotten something out of what I have written. I do it because it feels good.

Where I want to go from here…

I didn’t go into this full swing, I was pretty blind to how it all worked anyway. It’s taken a few years to actually understand all this blogging malarkey! But now I get it, and I am working very hard on keeping my posts regular, growing my ATW community and my followers on my social media channels. I would absolutely love to get more serious and get more honest. I want to meet more bloggers and support them too. Collaborations sound great, as long as the interests are the same. And I want to reach out to companies that I want to work with, whether that be for posts on the blog, or to write freelance for a brand that I am passionate about. That’s what I’d love to do.

This year, I also have goals to grow my YouTube channel. Once we are in our new house, I am going to have my very own space for Youtube videos and blogging, which I am super excited for!

So, if you do fancy working with me, please email . I’ll get back to you in due time to discuss whether or not I feel the brand or collaboration would work with All The World. These are the topics I cover:








If you’re a blogger/vlogger, please say hi, introduce yourself, and let’s be friends! Thanks for popping by ATW blog today, please come back tomorrow as I’ve got a big reveal to do!!

Jessica Xx


OH JEEZ, it has been 105 days since I last blogged. Yes, I completely agree: I am a failed blogger! I can not believe it’s been that long, but a lot has happened since July and I had a really tough month in August and just had zero motivation to blog or even be present on social media, or just in general really. But a lot has happened since then and I feel as though I want to get back to what I love doing and start to work a little harder at creating my space on the internet that I can be proud of.


Obviously the last time I blogged, I revealed our YouTube channel, which has, much to my surprise, taken off with quite a bang, with our first vlog reaching 5.4k views so far! I’m pretty blown away by that and it’s something I absolutely want to work harder on and create more of, for both entertainment and memories sake. I adore YouTube myself, spending a lot of my downtime watching SacconeJolys, Daily Bumps, Zoella, Kendra Atkins, The Youngs and many, many more. I watch a lot of family vloggers, pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, Disney trips and just daily vlogs as this what captures me the most. Therefore, it’s what I feel my channel will become. I don’t expect much from it, but I know from being a viewer myself, that I just love to watch what’s considered ‘normal’. Sometimes the boring, mundane, daily activities are the most interesting to view. At least in my eyes they are.

So what do we think? More daily vlogs? I think so. Why not? What have we got to lose? Apart from being slightly embarrassed maybe, or because we may be judged and talked about. Oh who cares, life is far too short to worry about what everyone else is doing and what they think about your life choices. So I’m going for it, whilst also supporting all those who are doing so, so if you have a vlogging channel, or a YouTube channel that you want us to check out, please comment below and I will be sure to support it. Here is my channel: All The World Vlogging Channel


And in regards to getting back on the blogging/vlogging bandwagon, I promise to have at least 2 blog posts out a week and at least one vlog. It’s definitely a lot to commit to, but I really want to push myself here and start it up properly. So wish me luck, please get behind me and follow my journey!! Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already and I do have a very exciting Twitter giveaway coming up very soon, so get following and stay tuned for the announcement!

Love always,

Jessica Xx


I don’t know about you, but I have always struggled with the notion of making things perfect. Whether it be my blog posts, my cooking or something as huge as the timing of my life, I basically just put huge amounts of pressure on myself to do everything right, and even when I think I do things right, I still worry that I may have upset someone or that somebody is judging me for it. Oh gosh, how complicated is my brain?! Please tell me I’m not the only one that over thinks and creates more problems than need be?!

In the limited time we’re given on this earth, if we’re not living life for ourselves, ignoring all the nasty comments and the sniggers of disbelief behind our backs, then we’re holding ourselves back from potential success and happiness. It’s been bugging me lately because I know that I can’t always live life like that, and that I definitely can’t please everyone. I tend to second guess myself when writing a blog post or instagramming a picture, worried that it won’t get enough likes or that people won’t take well to what I’ve poured my heart into. It makes things stressful and less enjoyable, and so I have decided to make more of a conscious effort to do what I want to do, feel confident and happy with my choices and just be that little bit more ‘so what’ about things! I know it won’t be easy to do, but it’ll make me a much stronger and happier person in the long run as I’ll be more able to shrug the little things off and stand up for what I believe in.7a3432525544f0265964d740f91d04bcAfter coming home from an amazing trip to Orlando, I decided to start up a YouTube channel – something I have wanted to do for a while now, but rather scared to do so. It’s one of those things that I think could go either way: I could really enjoy it, it could compliment my blog and be another way to connect with others whom have similar interests, or it could be an extra stress in my life, something that doesn’t go anywhere and then I count it as a failed attempt at something in my life. But what good is it if I don’t even try because I’m afraid of failure?! With my ‘so what’ attitude in full throttle, I felt the fear and did it anyway. My YouTube channel is up and running and I have already posted three videos! I have stayed in my safety zone at the moment, just posting videos from our holiday (Disney Vlogs) but I do have the intention of creating more content for my channel that will be different from Disney Vlogs, but these are easing me in gently, and hopefully gaining some following for the channel (I’m on 26 Subscribers so far!).

So, I wanted to share with you something that I am doing which is pretty scary for me to do in the hopes that you’ll

1. be really supportive and hopefully subscribe, and

2. that I can inspire you to do something you’ve wanted to do for a while, but you’ve been too scared to do so!

Let me know what you do, and remember life is far too short to be living it half-heartedly! Go out there and live life fully, and always follow your dreams!!!

Jessica Xx