Welcome back to What I Ate Wednesday. Today started off so well; with such healthy and positive intentions, but unfortunately, it quickly went down hill and ended up a slightly shitty ‘hump day’. Firstly, I was rejected from a job. Secondly, I think I have the flu. And, well, to finish that off, our house move has been moved back slightly. By slightly, I mean by one day. I’m dramatic, I know, but I was really hoping for better news!


So, as I said, this morning was great. I spent a few hours watching my Mum have a Sweaty Betty fashion show in the kitchen! She was extremely distracting, yet hilarious. So I only ended up eating breakfast at 11am. I had a banana, a yoghurt and a cup of tea, as I wasn’t all too hungry by the time I actually ate.


For lunch I had a gorgeous salad. The salad was made with baby spinach leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, avocado and tuna. I topped the salad with a medley of seeds, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It was delicious! I even sat outside and had it because it was so mild outside. But after my lunch, I took Willow for her walk and I begun to feel unwell. I started to shiver, feel faint and really quite horrible.

Willow making friends at the park!

I also had a handful of grapes (not all of those shown by the way!) and a cup of tea.

Afternoon Snack:

After coming in from my walk, Mum made me a hot water bottle, and I went to chill out on the sofa with Willow and lots of blankets. I did have two medjool dates with peanut butter in at this point, which I really enjoyed! Top Tip: pop them in the microwave for a few seconds … you can thank me later!

I also took some paracetamol and watched Homeland, which took my mind off everything. Don’t get me wrong, I’m OK, I just felt today was ‘one of those days’. Everything came at once, but it always does, doesn’t it?! Onwards & upwards I say!

I posted this onto Instagram today, which I wanted to share on my blog too:


We were spoilt today with fresh fish from the mongers. We chose Salmon (YUM), which we thoroughly enjoyed with a selection of steamed vegetables.

Anyway, thank you for popping by. Just a little reminder to all that may be having a crap day/week/year so far:

 “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Dennis P

So keep positive, look after yourselves and know that things will always get better.

Jessica Xx


One segment that I’ve always considered doing on my blog, is the very well know ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ or WIAW as it’s been popularised as. I love reading Anna Saccones’ WIAW posts, mostly because I’m nosey and love food, but also because I like to get inspiration to try different recipes. So with the new year, and new start for me up North, I thought it’d be a good opportunity to give WIAW a go, and see the response!

Today was the first day I put my trainers on and actually did ‘proper’ exercise in a very long while. I decided to take a chance, and try and jog with my puppy Willow. I started off quite well, going between a fast paced walk and a jog, however, as soon as we hit the park, well that was it, Willow was distracted by every dog going, and trust me, there was a lot of dogs! It was good fun though, and we did it for just over 30 minutes. I got a sweat on, and Willow enjoyed herself, so I guess I could say that was a success! When I arrived home, I made myself a cup of tea, and porridge with seeds, nuts, sultanas and a drizzle of honey.


After breakfast, Mum dog-sat Willow whilst I showered and got ready for the day, then it was back to the grind! By grind I mean searching for a job, not actually working (haha!). Then at lunch time, I made myself smashed avocado and a poached egg on top of a wholemeal pitta bread. It wasn’t too exciting, plus it looks crazy-weird, but it filled the gap!


Then for a mid afternoon snack, Tom and I decided to share some pick and mix sweets! Yummmmmy!! Oh, and I had a cappuccino!

Afternoon Snack:

For dinner, I made one of our staple favourites: prawn, pesto pasta! It’s so quick to make and really delicious. Tonight we used pesto from Booths, but sometimes I make my own. And then after dinner we had a fruit salad.



Thanks for popping back, do let me know if you liked my first WIAW and if you’d like me to keep doing them for a weekly segment on the blog!

Jessica Xx


On Tuesday evening, myself and one of my closest friends Lizzie, went to The Hoxton in Shoreditch to meet non other than the very inspirational Niomi Smart for the first part of the #GirlBoss series; a series of evenings where inspirational women will talk about their business, their ambitions and how they got to become successful and well known within their industry.


I myself have watched Niomi Smart on YouTube for a while now, very much inspired by her love of fitness and health, as well as in awe of her style and presence. She comes across as a strong woman, someone who knows what they want in life and will work hard to get to that place. Though I have to admit, I didn’t previously watch her videos or read her blog for female empowerment or inspiration for becoming a business woman, but more so because her love of fitness, her charity work and living a very clean lifestyle, as these are things I am also very passionate about. However, after Tuesdays talk I have gained a lot more respect for the woman and feel as though she has much more depth about her than the protein ball blog posts she writes or the nicey-nice girl she comes across as on her videos. I have a new found respect for her, and will absolutely think of her when in doubt of myself and my ability to achieve my goals.

So, what did I learn from Niomi Smart?

  1. Ask Questions Niomi reminded us that no question is silly and when you’re trying to succeed, you need all the help you can get from everyone available. I’m a terrible example of someone that stays silent when in doubt; I worry what people may think if I’m asking questions with very obvious answers. But Niomi is right, we must ask these questions to get the answers, to get the help, the support and the knowledge to succeed. It shouldn’t be something we’re embarrassed about, because, quote from Niomi, “You’ll be the one laughing when your hugely successful”! Very, very true!
  2. Stay grounded even when your hugely successful Niomi appeared to be very grounded and down to earth, and I liked that a lot. Having not met any of my favourite YouTubers before, I have always wondered if they’d disappoint me because they may be completely arrogant and full of themselves, fame may have got to their head and all that. But no, I was pleasantly surprised. Niomi seems ‘normal’ and I admire her for that.
  3. Be Consistent This was hugely relevant to me regarding my blog and my YouTube channel, as I always worry that if no one is reading or watching my content, then what’s the point! However, Niomi kept reiterating that no matter the statistics, consistency will always win because the more content out there, the more chance you’re going to boost those numbers and get the exposure you want. So I am absolutely going to commit to my weekly posts and vlogs now!! Bring. It. On!
  4. Be Authentic Once again, this is something that I thought was very relevant to my blog and YouTube channel. Niomi begun with a blog that predomantly focused on fashion, which she loved and still does, but over time she expanded it to a lifestyle blog so that she can also discuss her other loves: health, fitness, wellness and travel. But she never discusses her personal life (that’s obviously very different to me over here!) and she would never work with a company that she didn’t like or didn’t believe in, and it comes across because every collaboration seems genuine. So, I definitely need to remember to only accept products or collaborations that are absolutely 100% me!

Thank you for reading this you lovely lot, I hope you feel a little more inspired to follow your dreams and achieve your goals! You can do this!! Also, I will be uploading the vlog over on my YouTube channel on Monday at 6pm from this day out, so remember to subscribe to my channel to never miss a video!

If anyone reading this is interested in attending the next GirlBoss talk, and I think you should because the first one was brilliant, here is the website for more details: https://hoxtown.com/events/girlboss-series , also if you fancy checking out Niomi’s blog or YouTube channel, here are the links:



Jessica Xx


I am so sorry, I really wanted to start my week in workouts posts over two weeks ago now, but I fell ill with awful sickness and then I lost my voice and had a cold/cough, so I just couldn’t begin as I wasn’t strong enough or mentally in the right place to go for it. But it’s here finally and I’m feeling so good about it; I’ve bought some new Sweaty Betty leggings to motivate myself, along with my goodies from Be:Fit London (which I’ll share soon!). This week has been focused on the gym rather than classes, but next week it will be a lot more varied.

My gorgeous new Sweaty Betty leggings!!

My week last week looked like this:

Monday – Gym: loads of leg work, followed by abs, and finishing with sprints!

Tuesday – Rest day (so tired today, I had planned to go to the gym, but I fell asleep after work!)

Wednesday – Gym focusing on Arms & Abs and 30 minutes of cardio spilt between the cross trainer, the bike and the treadmill

Thursday – Rest day

Friday – I meant to go to the gym but didn’t!!! NAUGHTY!

Saturday – Rest day (Tom’s birthday too, so it’s a cheat day – CAKE!!)

Sunday – 30 minute jog outdoors and 30 minutes of yoga at home

A motivational quote of the week:


My power song:

One Dance – Drake

Seriously this song makes me want to run, lift, dance, jump – basically just keep moving! So I have been playing this full blast through my headphones whilst at the gym to keep going and it’s been helping.

My favourite downtime activity:

Packing and sorting stuff for our holiday! We’ve got less than 3 weeks now – can’t believe it!!

My go-to workout snack or meal:

RUDE HEALTH Mini Corn Crackers as a snack and avocado on toast for lunch.

Who has motivated me this week:

Anna, my amazing cousin, who has worked very hard on her health and fitness journey over the past 6 months or so. She is now extremely encouraging and supportive to me and anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals. We go to a Legs, Bums & Tums class together on a Wednesday now which is so much fun – I always believe that making fitness into a social activity helps it become something you love and want to stick to.

So this was technically my week no.1, I think it went quite well, but next week there will be a little more variety and I may share some recipes with you too! I hope you all had a healthy and fun week, thank you for reading & I’ll be back next week to share more of my fitness journey.

Much love,

Jessica Xx