Bruges you’re beautiful

We’re back from beautiful Bruges and we just had to share our experiences of a magical trip. We found this holiday on Secret Escapes and although neither of us had used the company before, we decided to give it a try and to our absolute delight, the trip was a huge success! Secret Escapes really did live up to it’s luxurious promise!


Tom fell asleep on the EuroStar journey…this wasn’t a surprise to me at all, if the boy is travelling anywhere, he usually drifts off for most of the journey. I end up taking silly photos like this one to cure my boredom!

We arrived in Brussels from London St Pancras on the Eurostar and had to make a quick swap over onto a local train to get to Bruges, this only took 50 minutes. It was all very easy to do, we didn’t get lost once which deserved a pat on the back. Then we grabbed a taxi from the station to our hotel, which only took 5 minutes or so and once we arrived, the lengthy journey was all worth it.

When arriving at Hotel Dukes Palace, I felt as though I was arriving for my first day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I started to wonder if my dreams really were coming true. It was well and truly magical. 

We checked in and after an hour waiting, we were able to go up to our room. The hour wait wasn’t too bad as we were treated at the hotel bar to cheese and beer tasting (YUMMY). Our first taste of Bruges was delicious, we knew we were going to like it here.


Our room was big, spacious and very well laid out. An extremely comfortable bed, black out curtains and a lovely big mirror in the bathroom, perfect for my make up and hair in the mornings! My only disappointment was they gave us a bathroom which only contained a shower, and I love my baths (dammit!).


We ate far too much food and drank far too much beer in Bruges, but I think you have to to truly experience it. I don’t even typically like beer, however, the fruit beer I found was too good to miss out on! A few other things you must try when in Bruges – their chips (wow, so naughty but so nice) along with mussels, steak, waffles and hot chocolates…I dare to think of the pounds we gained!




We will definitely pop back here in the future, it’s so accessible and an enjoyable break away from London. We also think it’d be a very easy going and fun trip to take little-uns! Plus we’d happily stay at Hotel Dukes Palace again, they did incredible breakfasts (champagne and chocolates included) and I felt as though I was a Princess for a week.

Now planning our next trip…a big one…watch this space!

Jessica X


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