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For those of you that don’t know me too well, you won’t be aware that I’m drawn towards anything dance related. Whether it’s a Zumba class, dancing on a night out after a few champagnes or taking a ballet class at Pineapple, I just love to dance. Dance makes me feel ten times better when I’m in a bad mood, it picks me up after a rough week at work and lifts my spirits when I don’t feel quite myself. For me, dancing is therapy. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out the next Sweaty Betty ‘Get Fit 4 Free’ campaign would be a dance based fitness class, but not just any class, a class designed and taken by the very beautiful, truly incredible Simone De La Rue! And the best news, I would be teaching it!


Simone De La Rue is the personal trainer to many of Hollywoods best bodies, trust me, she’s trained everyone from Sandra Bullock to Anne Hathaway, and even Matt Damon is a client of hers! Simone herself is amazing; she is hugely inspirational and great fun to workout with, she oozes vibrant energy and a passion for life which is contagious to say the least. I was over the moon to be learning this concept and to be meeting Simone herself.

This is MY style of fitness. It’s extremely fun, high energy and very, very sweaty and it’s all played out to an amazing soundtrack. The music seriously keeps you motivated, trust me! After endless jump kicks, my calves were feeling almost dead and another round seemed pretty much impossible, but then another Calvin Harris track came on and somehow I’d find another burst of energy to go again!


I couldn’t recommend it enough, and if I am ever visiting LA or New York (where the BBS studios are based), I will be at those classes dancing my little heart out. Let’s keep all our fingers and toes crossed that she comes to the UK again soon with the intention of setting up a studio here in London. But for now, we don’t have to sit around dreaming as Sweaty Betty are holding BBS classes over the next four weeks in their boutiques starting Tuesday 8th. I will be teaching at Sweaty Betty Bluewater and the classes will be at 9pm every Tuesday. I look forward to seeing lots of you there for a joyous yet hard workout!

I just want to say a big thank Sweaty Betty for the most beautiful outfit I was given to teach the classes in, the pieces are all from the AW15 Dance collection! Click on the item to be taken to the website if you want to make a purchase, tempting hey?




Meeting Simone was hugely inspiring, dancing with her was incredible and learning the BBS concept was an honour. I can not wait to share it with you all, starting on Tuesday at 9pm at the Bluewater Sweaty Betty boutique. Get your dancing shoes on and prepare yourself for an hour of fitness fun.

Thank you for reading, enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Jessica X

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