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My Mum and I attended the womens’ health, fitness and wellbeing festival Be:Fit London on Friday 29th April together as part of her 60th Birthday celebrations. As it was for a very special occasion, we treated ourselves to VIP tickets, and I’m so glad we did – the VIP goody bags were UNREAL (a separate blog post to follow with all my goodies from Be:Fit!).


Our day started with a gorgeous yoga class led by the very wonderful and well known Tara Stiles. Tara is the founder and owner of Strala Yoga, and I have followed her on Youtube since she began back in 2008 (her videos are perfect to do at home, you should check them out here: Tara Stiles Youtube). I was super excited to be taking her class, and slightly nervous too because it’s always strange to meet people you’ve watched on Youtube for a while, just in case they are not as nice as they come across over the internet. But Tara, well she was more lovely than I would’ve imagined! She must’ve hugged my Mum and I about 5 times throughout the day, even remembering us in the afternoon and coming over to see how our day was going – she was so sweet. Her class was very busy but she didn’t fail to walk around and check up on individuals throughout the practise – she even helped me get up into a handstand, which I was so surprised I achieved – yay me!

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After our yoga class, Mum and I popped up into the VIP lounge where we were met with glasses of Skinny Prosecco, healthy snacks galore, a braid bar, make up bar, help-yourself-to-a-magazine-stand, facials and massage area – I mean the list was endless. VIP was so worth it.

After a glass of Skinny Prosecco, Mum and I went for a wander and found ourselves receiving freebie after freebie from incredibly well known, and sought after brands; from Quest Bars (which I’ve been wanting to try for a long while now) to Cucumber Facial Wipes by Yes To. I can’t lie, I walked around a few times and developed quite a collection!

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Then in the afternoon, I had booked to do the Pound Fit Workout with Gymbox. The class was led by my very good friend Jessica Mckee who is the UKs Master Pro Trainer for Pound Fit, so not only was I excited to be trying the class for the first time, I was also just super excited to be taking part in Jess’ class as she’s pretty darn good at what she does! For those of you that don’t know, Pound Fit is a full body cardio-jam session which combines cardio, strength training, conditioning with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Plus you have your very own ripsticks like a real rockstar would throughout the entire workout, so whilst your squatting to the music, you’re also making music too!

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had during Pound Fit. It’s energetic, fun, empowering and definitely a workout which helps combat stress levels! I got completely lost in the music and just went flat out for the entire hour – I didn’t want the class to end, and I definitely didn’t want to give back my ripsticks!!! Jess was a fantastic presenter, it’s obvious just how passionate she is about Pound, she made us all feel like rockstars and has definitely got me hooked – I go to her Tuesday night class now!!!

IMG_1891 IMG_1892 IMG_1893

It was a fantastic day out and I will definitely be returning next year. If you’re into your fitness classes and healthy foods, or maybe you just want to try some new classes and meet some of the most influential and successful people in the fitness and health industry, then I would most definitely recommend visiting Be:Fit London – it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Next year I aim to go VIP again and sign up to more classes – but it the mean time, whilst I’ve got London on my doorstep, I’m going to get out and try loads more classes and meet more inspiring fitness and health gurus!

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Let me know if you went to Be:Fit this year and what classes you took part in! I will share my purchases and goody bag on the blog next as this blog post is already super long!!

For more information on the event and any of the classes I took part in:

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Tara Stiles Yoga 


Much love,

Jessica Xx


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