Battle of the Boxes 2

Week Two – Abel & Cole

Week Beginning 17th August


Amazing things about Abel & Cole:

The most wonderful customer service

My box arrived nice and early on a Monday morning, ready for the week ahead

They sent me a FREE cookbook as well as a choice of FREE organic wine (to which I chose Red, of course!)

They have also offered me a FREE box on the fourth delivery

Oh and I got a box of eggs for FREE too!


What I ordered: Small Fruit and Vegetable Box £13.25 and Fabulous Meat & Fish Box £12.50

Meat – Pork Escalopes, Stewing Steak and Salmon Fillets

Fruit – Bananas, Strawberries, Big Plums and Apples

Vegetables – New Potatoes, White Mushrooms, Carrots, Sweetcorn, Runner Beans and Broccoli


A few things I created with my produce:

Salmon cooked in a garlic butter with fresh parsley, served with a large green salad and warm, fresh bread.

Beef stew using the new potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, red wine and stewing steak with onions, bay leaves, garlic, beef stock (low salt) and celery which I bought separately. Wow, I was super surprised how amazing this stew tasted, especially considering I didn’t use a recipe, just threw it all in and hoped for the best!

IMG_2663IMG_2658 IMG_2666

BBC’s Good Food Lemon, Parmesan and Pine Nut Crusted Pork with steamed runner beans and broccoli and boiled new potatoes.

Overall Verdict

Although I spent quite a bit more money on the Riverford boxes, I do believe it was worth it due to the amount I received and the quality of every single item in the box. I also found that Riverfords selection of meat completely complemented the vegetables which were sent, meaning I could easily create meals from the ingredients, get a little creative and not necessarily need to buy much else.

Abel & Cole won me over with their friendly service and willingness to make my experience with them a good one. They organised suitable delivery times and offered lots of lovely freebies which made it all quite exciting. They know how to make a customer feel valued.

It is quite hard to compare two boxes which contained different produce though, so I am going to do a few more orders from both companies to make a final decision on which one I will stick with using. I definitely would advise doing what I have done though and ordering around a little before choosing, as everyone has different requirements and tastes. Maybe it’s the cheaper the better? Or how well you are treated as a paying customer? Whatever your needs, both of these companies in my opinion have got boxes to suit each individual, it just depends on personal taste and opinion.

Have you ever tried these delivery boxes? If so, which company worked best for you? Do you use a different company at all? I’d love to hear what worked or didn’t work for others too!

Thank you for reading!

Jessica Xx


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