Bath Time With Willow Bear

Since having a dog, I’ve realised one of the best feelings is seeing your dog run around in a muddy, wet park, diving into every puddle, rolling in every leafy spot and, I swear they get competitive with other dogs, to see who can get the most dirty! It’s such a pleasure to see Willow loving her play time at the park, but my little bear is not a fan of bath time (yet!) so when I get home, I have my work cut out to get her clean, beautiful and free of dirt. It’s a hell of a task!

IMG_4417IMG_4406 IMG_4411 IMG_4413

Tom and I team up and bath her together so that whilst one of us cleans her, the other can lure her with treats and distract her from the scary H20 and the frightening bubbles! We get splashed to high heavens, but we do eventually get the job done.

We use Groomers Puppy Kind & Gentle Shampoo, and Groomers Puppy Fresh Spray, which both were bought from Pets At Home. Both products smell really nice and are gentle and soft on Willows coat, I would recommend all of these products. We also use Wilkos Eye & Ear Wipes for dogs, as Willow gets very sleepy eyes and they gentle and soothing for her delicate eyes. She used to hate us wiping her eyes, but these have made the job a lot easier, and will now sit still for a few seconds, which is such an achievement.


After her bath, we dry her off with her big pink towel (we’d love to buy her a nice personalised doggie towel when we move into our new house) and then, after towel drying, we *attempt* to use the hair dryer on her, but by attempt I mean fail miserably; loud noises aren’t her thing, we have the same issue with the hoover!

Once Willow is dry-ish, we spray her with her ‘perfume’, pop her collar back on and clean her eyes with the wipes. Then, TA-DA she’s clean, fresh and beautiful again, ready for her photoshoot!

IMG_4436 IMG_4438 IMG_4440

Here is Willow, after her bath and pamper session. She might not look too convinced, but she looks damn soft and cute!


What products do you use on your dog?

Thanks for popping by, I hope you’ve enjoyed the post.

Jessica Xx


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