August Monthly Favourites

Welcome to September! I can now say it’s officially 1 month until Mr.T and I go to Portugal, 2 months until my birthday and 3 months until Christmas…say what?! Yes, this year is going by far, far too quickly.

August has been a busy and exciting month here at All The World ‘HQ’ (aka my lounge) with new beauty products being tested, fitness trends being tried and of course I’ve been eyeing up lots of new potential purchases for the month of September.

Here’s a little insight into the past month and what I have been enjoying…

Beauty & Lifestyle

I decided to strip it back for the month of August and be a little more thrifty with my purchases; not only have I got holidays coming up, but we’re also getting closer to one of the most expensive times of the year: Christmas. Therefore, I like to be a little more careful with my money. I went to Boots, because you can never go wrong in Boots, and I bought some No.7 Make-up and some new beauty products with my Boots points (love that I saved them up) and I utilised any offers that were about too.


No.7 Primer & Foundation

I was in such luck with my No.7 purchases as the day I went to Boots they had buy one get one half price with Foundations and their Primer was £9 instead of £19! Plus my Boots points had crept up and I was able to use my points to buy the Primer, so I spent very little but got quite a lot.

My foundations have been amazing so far, really easy to put on and have been gentle on my hormonal skin. I decided to buy two different shades, a lighter shade for the day and a darker one for holidays and nights out when I wear fake tan! The Primer has been lovely too, creating a nice smooth base layer between my skin and my foundation, definitely helping my skin to stay clear and hydrated in my opinion.

Foundation Brush

I have recently had to throw my old MAC foundation brush away so I was on the look out for another good brush to replace it. Obviously I had to go for the Real Techniques Foundation Brush! They have been seen in every beauty bloggers favourites for a while now, so I wanted to see what the hype was all about. And well, just look at it…it is beautiful, and shiny and gold…so I already love it. I want them all now!


St Tropez Shower Tan

Now, I was a little skeptical of this one, I mean, how can you put on tan in water? It just stands against everything I have ever known about the rules of tanning. However, this was on an introductory offer so my Mum treated us both to one and I have been pleasantly surprised. It does take a little longer to show up than fake tanning does, but for pale old me, the tan appears more natural and understated than using tanning lotion.

The Body Shop

I actually went in to try the beautiful new Spa range they have in store, but ended up leaving with two gorgeous tote bags and some testers of the new range! I literally could have bought it all as their new products are extremely luxurious and irresistible, but with me trying to be a little better with money this month, I resisted and added them to my September wish list instead. High five to me for being good with money! But how amazing is this tote (just read the wording, it’s so inspiring!):


Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo & Conditioner

I really, really like the fact that more and more brands are bringing out products that do not contain Parabens. Don’t get me wrong, I am not completely against having anything containing Parabens, as Parabens are the most common preservatives used in cosmetic products, so it’s kind of something which is pretty hard to avoid. Plus, before you start panicking, the FDA have deemed Parabens safe to be used in products and that consumers should not start to worry. However, due to some investigations into the the over exposure to such chemicals being linked to certain cancers, I try and buy a few of my beauty products free from Parabens to limit my exposure just in case it did have an affect on me. But as I said, there is no direct link and no one should worry about this, it is just my personal opinion and choice. Plus these Shampoos and Conditioners from Garnier smell beautiful and leave my hair feeling strong and shiny!

Fitness Related Favourites


Beyonce vs Jay Z Ride (click this link to find out about my 1Rebel experience Once a Rebel // Always a Rebel post)


Sweaty Betty Clothing

I don’t really have to say too much about this, as the gorgeous outfit speaks for itself…

I treated myself to a pair of new aztec-styled yoga leggings and a funky black and orange slogan tee to throw over yoga and workout bras as a lightweight top to train in! This outfit has all my favourite colours  (orange of course, and I do love mint too!) and makes me feel really good too. I love SB!


Bunny Hop

I took part in an amazing free class at Sweaty Betty Bluewater called Bunny Hop with Louise (pictured on the right). Louise was so much fun; her class was energetic and sweaty with a fantastic soundtrack and lots of positive motivation and encouragement. Bunny Hop is very dancey and upbeat, very similar to a Zumba class but with more of a mixed music selection, and therefore more varied dance styles. I had an amazing time taking her class, and it was such a treat when she gave me two vouchers for two more free classes! Thank you Louise, I look forward to taking Bunny Hop again. (Check out her Facebook page and class timetable by clicking on the link above.)


Thank you so much for reading my August Monthly Favourites, I hope you enjoyed it. I’ve got so much more to share with you, but I have to be picky so my posts don’t become 12 pages long!

Have a great Thursday everyone,

Jessica X



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